Monday, January 7, 2013

1st Day of Preschool

So the morning started out like any other.  Running behind. I lost track of time this morning, so woke Leah up late...and if this girl has to be rushed in the morning its NO good.  She has to do her things, her way, in her time...NO changing it up!  So, dealing with her diva attitude this morning made it really hard for me focus on the thought that we were entering a new stage in life today....we would now have 2 kids in school.  That means the majority of our children are now school age'...and the pendulum no longer swings toward the baby stage.  AHHHHH!! 

Poor Blake.  Poor bud. He had NO idea how his world was about to change this morning.  He came toddling up the stairs after Leah got him out of his crib for me, smiling with snot stretched from ear to ear, signing "juice, please" and pointing toward his high chair.  This boy wakes up starved, I guess.  So I got him his breakfast and began to tell him about his school day which he replied by waving his hand at me to get away...figures!  He did not want to have this conversation now.  Autum on the other hand took it all in..she hurried through her breakfast, picked out her clothes, and came in carrying her shoes to have me help her put on.  Then she ran back into her room and came out dragging Blake's book bag, her duffle bag, and their mini-Elmo bag.  Then she ran back and got her hat and her coat.  Well, I eventually got Blake full enough to be content with getting out of his high chair and getting dressed.  He got dressed and in normal fashion, ran into the living room to play with his toys.  I had to scoop him up and get his shoes and coat on, to which he grunted and wiggled in disgust.  We walked to school today, and it was pretty chilly thanks to the wind.  So Blake was NOT a happy camper by the time we arrived at the school front.  I snapped a few pics and in the door we went...
He stole Autum's bags, I'm guessing to get one rise and squeal out of her before he was off to school.

Oh the drama!

Best buddies!

Autum and I walked home, and she kept turning around asking "where, Bobby?"  I told her he was at school and we moved on.  Then she'd ask again....and again.....and again....and again.  Until 11 am rolled around and we ran some errands before going to pick him up from his first day.  He was pretty whiny and clingy when we got home.  He wrapped his arms around my legs and squeezed his head between my knees, and remained there while I prepared lunch.  I think he missed his "mama!"  I am guessing he was having a little anxiety too from so much change, so many new faces, such a new place.  Very understandable.  I didn't really get to help him ease into the classroom, the teacher grabbed his arm, took him in the room, and shut the my frustration, so I walked away praying he wasn't too scared.  Realizing this was the first step in is life, that I have to begin to let go...already.  I was really emotional walking out of there, felt like I was leaving my baby behind.  But I'm sure it will get better with each day he goes.  We reached an agreement for him to go 2 days a week, for 2 hours to start out with.  My Mommy instinct tells me he's not ready to go full-time yet.  So this is a happy medium.

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