Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!

As I'm writing this I have one little chubby girl on my lap, snoring in her sleep, with a fever and cough.  At my feet on the other end of the couch, Leah is lying in the pajama's she's had on since Monday...coughing up a lung.  Her fever broke, but we are left with the droplets of congestion filling the air.

BUT...despite the sickness that has slithered into our home, we did manage to celebrate Jesus' birthday, in a less animated way, than usual!

IT SNOWED!  And Mr. Boots made his final appearance before Christmas!

Leah had a school Christmas party Friday the 21st!

They played, Christmas Song Karoake.

Miss Katelyn, our babysitter, stopped by to drop of presents for the little ones.

If you throw a mattress on the floor in the living room, this is what you get! WWF!

I had some helpers with baking an apple pie.  Note the separation between the two of them...lots of slapping took place before the separation! :)

Who needs a horse when you have daddy home for a few days?

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Teaching her to fight off those silly boys!

I think she's got the hang of it!

Blake's ALL-TIME favorite activity!

Daddy got stuck in Blake's PT tunnel, so Blake crawled inside to help him out!

He was hilarious opening gifts!  He's squawk, squeal, ewww, and ahhh!  Then slap his hands to his face and then to his hips and then hold his hands out to the side, as if to ask "what is this?" (Santa brought the kids a trampoline)

Meanwhile, Autum took all the candy from everyone's stockings while they were busy opening gifts and established it as "MINE!"  She would not set any of it down to open other gifts, I had to pry these from her hand before naptime!

Jammin' out to Autum's karoake machine!

Waiting to open gifts with Mimi Teresa and Papa Gary.

We  set up a make-shift hospital bed for Leah to partake in the festivities as she was running a fever Christmas morning.

This is his "What is it?" reaction.

Aunt Kate helping out!

The kids got Plasma Cars for Christmas so Mimi Teresa was helping show Blake how to make it go by twisting the steering wheel back and forth.
Christmas Part II---this weekend...if everyone is healthy again!

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