Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Partners in Crime!

(this video only gets a green line when I post it on the blog, sorry!)

Last night Jerad and I had the realization that Autum may actually be the instigator in she and Blake's relationship.  When all along, we thought Blake might be the culprit for trouble.  I constantly hear, ", 'mon!" (2-year version of come on) "Bobby! Nooooow! Go!"

She is starting to realize she can make him do whatever she wants, then plays it off like it was his fault...luckily, for Blake, Mommy and Daddy are catching on to this as well.
Cartoons and snacks! (they always have to sit this close)

What? I didn't do anything...

"Neigh, neigh!"
She is always the first to help him get his coat off after preschool.

Swimsuits and snack time, you can see who the bowl is closer too.
Autum's new daily activity is "wim!"  (swim)  She takes off her pajamas and diaper, usually before I even get her out of her crib in the morning in preparation for a day of 'wimming.  She immediately gets her swimsuit out of the drawer, her goggles and diving sticks.  Then she toddles her way into the living room (aka swimming pool) and begins doing her laps.  She will stand on the couch, throw her diving sticks into the middle of the floor, then jump in after them.  She lies on her tummy and pretends to swim, then she will get up and run around swinging her arms yelling 'wim! 'wim! Whee!

Then I tell her its time to go somewhere...and this is how she reappears from her room.

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  1. That is hilarious! So glad you were able to capture her 'wimming. So cute!