Saturday, February 25, 2012

From the mouths of babes...

I just realized I haven't posted in over a week...where does the time go?  I'll tell you, though, it goes VERY slowly at night while trying to convince one baby or the other that it is NOT time to be awake...meanwhile the clock goes

Because the kids have had so much to say lately, I'll let them speak for themselves.

They love to share their blankies and take naps together...

Share their snacks...if only you could hear the noise these two can make together...along with the mess!

Share mommy's lap.  (I love how Leah just keeps on singing amidst the go girl!)

He's been home 3 months now and already knows how to use one of these...hmmmm. :)
 And he's learning how to take care of his baby glow worm...

And everyone loves spaghetti night!

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  1. Wow, they did really well with the blankets. Autumn gave Blake his blanket and then took hers all to herself. That was awesome. Good job, Mama. :)