Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Night Visitor

Well, yesterday morning turned into quite an adventure when my over-achiever 5-year old was determined to loose a tooth...just like 'everyone else in her class.'  I guess the student gets his/her picture taken and placed on the board and gets special treatment for the day....well, that was motivation enough for Leah to begin yanking on her bottom teeth...every chance I wasn't looking.  This has been going on for weeks.  Well yesterday, she came running out of the bathroom shrieking in excitement because SHE LOST HER TOOTH!

So she thought...

I had to inform her she only lost 1/2 of her tooth.  She broke it off at the root and it was bleeding and bleeding.  Now keep in mind I was hurriedly getting both babies fed, and loaded up in the van, with everything but our kitchen sink, for a morning of doctor's appointments, an hour away from our house.  I had already made arrangements for Leah to be at daycare that morning, so I thought I was doing good, we were running on time, so far so good.

Well, not sure what to do. I went ahead and dropped her off at daycare and called my husband to see whether he thought we should be worried about this or not.  Quite honestly I was more concerned that she was going to proceed to yank out her other tooth that day and make it 2 for 2.  So he called the dentist who said to bring her over to make sure no other damage was done and to take X-rays to make sure another tooth was growing in below.  So I went on to Blake's appointments and called my husband between, he was on his way to take Leah to a dentist office in another town because our dentist office branch is closed on Friday's...of course

Well, long story short.  She didn't break off her tooth, she just has VERY tiny teeth.  And she actually has another tooth loose and very close to coming out as well.  But, the dentist made sure to inform her that yanking and jerking on her teeth before they were ready to fall out, is not a good idea.  So, I'm hoping lesson learned.

She was bouncing all around the house, with a huge toothless grin on her face.  On. Cloud. Nine!  She placed her prized tooth in a baggie and left it on the kitchen counter...first mistake.  I threw it away once and had to dig it out of the trash.  Then Jerad proceeded to dispose of it himself and had to dig it out of the garbage.  This tooth had already been on an adventure that day.  Well, after answering 900 questions about the tooth fairy, we proceeded to tuck it under her pillow for the night.  I was uncertain if she would go to sleep, her excitement was the equivalent of that on a Christmas Eve night.  So about 10:30 pm, the half-asleep Tooth Fairy lying next to me made his way into her room to confiscate the tooth and replace it with $1.  I sort of dozed off and remembered thinking a while later that he had been gone a while.  But I was in La-La Land myself and dismissed the thought quickly.  Not long after I heard the not-so dainty Tooth Fairy plodding back into our bedroom, breathing hard.  I asked what took him so long.  And this is what unfolded according to him...

He slipped his hand under her pillow to retrieve the prized tooth and as he was shoving the $1 bill under his pillow she quickly turned over and looked at him.  He hit the floor and laid there under the edge of her comforter, trying not to breathe too loudly.  He thought she was still asleep until he heard this..."Tooth Fairy? Tooth Fairy?  Are you there?  Where are you, Tooth Fairy? Hellooo...?"  He still had the $1 in his hand, so he waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Just to make sure she was good and asleep. 
Then as fast as he could, he slipped the dollar under her pillow and flew out of there.  Literally.

As I was listening to him relay this story to me in my half-asleep state, I began to giggle.  Then laugh.  And laugh.  Ohhh, I needed this laugh after such a stressful day.  Sorry it was at his expense, and at the expense of the Tooth Fairy's identity being revealed...but it was the best medicine for me on a day when I was near tears all day long.

I would LOVE to hear of any other Tooth Fairy fiasco's...


  1. Our tooth fairy has forgotten on a couple of the point that my kids now ask me if I have emailed the tooth fairy. (My excuse for forgetting to put the dollar under the pillow-- I forgot to email the tooth fairy to tell her another tooth is available for pick-up at our house! ha!).

  2. My little one swallowed his first tooth eating pizza!! So we had to write her a note, he wasn't fazed and knew she would still come :)