Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The New Annie

Monday evening I decided to take the girls to see the new Annie movie in Hutch.  We dropped the boys off at mom and dad's and headed to the theatre.  After about croaking at the ticket price for us 3 to watch the movie, we made our way to the concession stand. I already had my purse packed full of pretzels, M&M's, hershey bite size bars, and gum...but I had already promised the girl's some I ordered a large tub of popcorn with butter, 2 lbs. of napkins on the side, and 2 small Sprite's.  I handed over my debit card, again...swallowing back the horror of the concessions costing more than the movie!!  I threatened the girls with their lives if they wanted to leave early...we were staying and enjoying it--no matter how bad it may be. 

After getting in to the empty screen room and convincing Leah the front row is NOT the best seat in the house at movies...we comfortably sat down mid-section.  We had 20 minutes until the main movie was to come on and the girls were plowing through the popcorn like they hadn't eaten in days...I had to warn them not to bite their fingers by accident with how fast they were shoveling it in.  After Leah said, "they keep repeating the same commercials over and over mom, for the 1000th time...", Annie finally began to play.  By this point, Autum had finished off her M&M's, her chocolate bar, and was on her 4th scoop of popcorn...the girl's kept fighting over the bag of popcorn and I kept envisioning a big tear through the middle and it spilling I laid 2 big napkins across their laps and scooped popcorn onto the napkins to settle the conflict.  I placed Autum's popcorn between her outstretched legs on her seat...she gets excited, jumps herself up and down off the chair just enough for the chair to fold up on her and dump her popcorn all over her shirt, down her back, and onto the floor behind her...I sensed the panic and did my best to control the shrieking and freak handing over the big bag of popcorn...what I didn't account for was Leah's freak out at the thought that Autum had the giant bag all to herself...

I looked over my shoulder to make eye contact with the adults sitting directly behind us in a nearly empty theatre...and did my best to even things out.  The first hour of the movie had the girl's attention and I kept my eye on the quickly waning popcorn bag.  After Autum's last handful shoved in her mouth, she looked at me and said out loud, "I NEED MORE, MOM."  (she still hasn't figured out the art of whispering) I told her all done...she wiped her hands off, dusted off her pant legs, stood up and said, "welp! I'm ready to go then!"  And began trying to put her coat back on.

I got her back seated and reminded her she still had her pretzels to that held her over for a while.  About another 20 minutes...then she started arguing with me about wanting to sit by Leah--to whom she was already sitting next too.  I decided to just go with her argument that she wanted to sit on Leah's other I let her go.  She sits down and I get back focused on the movie.  I look over a little later to see Autum standing on her chair muttering something about the best view...and Leah's lying on her back on the chair, looking up at the ceiling, with her feet on the chair in front of us...I loudly whisper "girls! sit in the chair like you are supposed too.."
Leah spouts off, "Mom, you should try this, it's really comfortable!"

Omg...if I hadn't paid so much to see this movie, and hadn't assured them we were getting our money's worth, we would have walked out of there. BUT I had to stick to my guns to prove my point.Ya know, cause it's that important. :)

About 15 minutes left...and Autum starts coughing (we were still recovering from the flu)...and coughing.  I ask her what's wrong. She said "nothing."  And I try to pretend like she's not rattling the windows with her loud cough...only to hear a loud "phffffffffftttt..." followed by giggles.  Leah is laughing and Autum decides to commentate the matter with, "HEY MOM! THE POPCORN GAVE LEAH THE TOOTS...AND IT STINKS!" (seriously it seemed like she was yelling at this point)

Unfortunately just like Autum hasn't learned the art of whispering, Leah hasn't learned the art of silent farts....

I all the sudden wanted to lie down in the chair on my back like Leah had previously suggested, just to hide my face.  I quietly ask if she needed to excuse herself to go to the bathroom.  To which she promptly denied.  Autum on the other hand was quick to tell me she "NEEDED TO POOP."

So we shuffled out of the theatre to the bathroom.  Seriously there was like 5 minutes left but I wasn't going to argue...we just went.

We did made it back for the ending, and the movie was really good and entertaining.  I enjoyed what I wasn't closing my eyes and breathing rapidly through, shaking my head.  The girl's just obviously need to get out more. :)

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