Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas 2014

Bone broth...cause we were all sick with the flu.  And this is the best medicine.

Autum leaving reindeer food out Christmas Eve

2nd one down...Christmas Eve...cough, stuffy nose,headache, fever...

...reindeer food in backyard, just in case they came in that way

We put up the front half of our tree....only...hahah, then slid it against the wall...shhh. ;)

This is what our days looked like...essential oils, homeopathic remedies, honey, warm tea, and lots of fluids..vitamin C drinks, garlic chews,cold compresses,warm lavender baths, vix rub on the feet and chest...
The excitement of opening the Christmas Eve gift!

Arguing over who was going to hand out which gifts...

Santa's late night snack...he was less than impressed...we had just discussed why we were not eating any sugar or milk products until this sickness passed...and so this was what the kids decided Santa needed...daddy finally talked them into at least leaving Reese's Pieces..

And we left up the story of Jesus' arrival for Santa to read as well..

Sick kid No. 3...can you tell he can't breathe through his nose?

Leah's new chair.

Blake's new cowboy and robbers gun set...

Blake handing over the money...taught him well!

I had cheerleaders and stunts for my evening workout. Be jealous! :)

This will probably be Leah's last year of Santa.  I was getting caught up in so many stories of how Santa does this, or flies here, or says that...and on and on. I was almost ready to just tell her to save myself the stress...but we managed for the sake of the two little ones.  Santa brought Leah an overnight trip to Wichita by herself with her mom and dad to stay in the tallest motel, with a swimming pool, and gift cards to shop at her favorite stores and eat at her favorite restaurants.  She got a pink squishy chair for her room.  Some clothes and a new jacket.  She was still upset because Santa did NOT bring her the iPhone6 and Prometheum board she has asked for the past 2 years...??

Autum got her a white doggy that walks...a bracelet, and a pink cheerleading hoodie sweatshirt she has wanted for months. She got her a blue beanbag chair to watch movies in and some other clothes.

Blake got a new motorized motorcycle.  A blue beanbag chair.  Some clothes and a cowboy gun set with holster and bandana.  He was still more excited about tearing the wrapping paper off and throwing tissue paper.  His face would light up each time.  Then he'd yell and stomp his feet.

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