Monday, October 14, 2013

No Pinterest

I am NOT crafty.
I try to convince myself I am at each of my children's birthday parties.  So, this weekend we plan to celebrate Blake and Autum's birthday parties with family.  Autum keeps saying she only wants a sucker for her birthday.  No presents, she says, only "guckers." So I know she means business...

So I got the great idea that I could make cake pops to look like lollipops to go along with the lollipop theme of the party.  She would love it!  And so did the planning stages.

I decided yesterday to give the cake pop recipe a trial run just to make sure I knew what I was doing...

I had the girls help me because I just wanted to destroy the kitchen, for some reason, and I thought I had enough patience in my tank, to give it a try.


We had cake flying everywhere, frosting smeared on the fridge, cabinet, and every door in the whole kitchen.  Sprinkles coated the floor enough to be considered a risk for anyone that entered.  Every time I turned around one of the girls was licking the frosting or the cake batter.

We got it all baked, mixed, crumbled, reformed into balls, sticks shoved in, and set-up...
And then everyone starts offering their opinions on why they did not look anywhere close to the picture we were trying to mimic.

Autum, "MMMMM....more frosting? No cake..."
Leah, "Mom, those look gross, but don't taste too bad..."

Jerad, (who had been out back with Blake this whole entire time, decides to re-enter the house while I'm looking over the recipe again trying to figure out where I went wrong) and says, "We are having meatballs for dinner tonight?  Why did you put sticks in them?"


Now to call the Cake Lady.  I am flying my white flag.  Done.

Someone please remind me of this in May...

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  1. Haha! This is GREAT! I'm the same way, Anna. Pinterest is so appealing and I think - I can do this. And then it fails and I go a way simpler route or just throw in the towel. Great effort, though! (and I commend you for allowing your girls to help in the madness!) I can picture your kitchen destruction perfectly! :)