Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween Costumes

I always start out excited coming up with Halloween costume ideas for us and the kids in early October.  Then the 31st rolls around and I am scrambling to throw something together from the chest of dress-up clothes we have accumulated through the years.

Poor Blake, he could choose about any type of princess costume he wanted...we have Snow White, Aurora, Cinderella, Belle (minus a few jewels), a pirate princess...

But of course Jerad won't have his only son wearing last year he was a football player for one event and a baseball player for the next.  Thank God for jerseys!

Leah has been every possible red-headed character there is...Pippy Longstocking, Raggedy Ann, Strawberry Shortcake, and Arial...last year she and Autum were olympic gymnasts with their metals and leotards.  Thank God for leotards from gymnastics class.

We have been invited to several Halloween costumes as adults too...but Jerad never is too excited about dressing up in anything other than camoflauge this time of year.  He has enough for all of us to dress up as a camo family, probably.  Fit with the doe urine smell and face paint.  Maybe a set of duck calls to hand around our necks.  Some deer sheds to rub together and the deer feeder pulling behind us in the wagon.  Sorry kids, you have to walk!

So this year I'm vowing to come up with something early, buying or making it and not stressing the few hours before we trick or treat because Leah swears she has been Princess Aurora the last 5 years...even though she'd probably be more accurate to say she's dressed up as a cheerleader the past 5 years.  Her request to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader this year, was met with a unison "no" by her daddy and mommy.

She has in mind some Dracula's daughter costume.  Which I swear she only wants because the costume includes a pair of high-heeled boots.  Which stems from an argument in Walmart last weekend when I wouldn't let her buy a pair of black, 2" high heeled boots from the women's shoe section, with some of her money.  My argument that they were too big, didn't seem to matter as much as me saying she couldn't even walk in them.  I let her try and she took off in a bent-knee, ankle-shaking, foot shuffle, with her arms locked straight out to the side...trying to convince me that this is how I always walk!"

So that costume is still pending in my book.

I really want to dress Blake and Autum up as Miss Piggy and Kermit.  But $30 a piece for an ugly costume is not my idea of fun!  So I may have to get creative.  I asked Autum if she would wear a blonde curly wig and she said "no, only a bwack one, like Wweah!"  (translate: No, only a black one like Leah.) Not sure if she means red or black...we obviously need to work on our color wheel again.

And I just think Blake's skinny little bow legs scream "frog!"

As for Jerad and I...I have lots of good ideas.  But so far he is a no-go!

Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons...for our CrossFit Pathos workout Halloween costume party.  He absolutely refuses short running shorts with slits up the sides...

Or this one...
Couples Plug and Socket

That one speaks for itself...

Or the Incredibles family...but again, black speedo's are out for him..

Last year we dressed as the Veggie Tales for a 5K, but he said he was NOT doing that again.

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