Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day of October


So this past month has flown by...with parent-teacher conferences, days out of school, Halloween parties, trick or treating on Main Street in McPherson for the first time, waiting on our Halloween costumes to arrive that we ordered 2 weeks ago and were shipped to Hillsboro--and still haven't arrived, coming up with make-shift costumes in the mean-time, interviewing college students who might possibly want to watch the two little ones while I work a few days a week, being concerned when the first sitter I hired entered my kitchen upon introductions of ourselves and began taking knives out of my butcher set and looking at them while rubbing them together and making ooh and ahhh sounds,  praying my kids were all in one piece when I got home...
Trick or Treat Main Street

Checking out the goods..


High Five's for Little Caesar!

Fireman Carrying my partner Rachael at our CrossFit Halloween Workout (she was dressed up as a 9 month preggo)

Pull Ups Holds!

Just another day snatching in my Daisy Dukes! haha

Introducing Joe Dirt and Brandy :)
Fairies feeding ducks at the park
I had to also explain to the other parents at Leah's school last week what Autum's " pencil holder" was, after she bent over at parents day at Leah's school while we were waiting to eat lunch with our kids, and said "Look, today my pants fit, my pencil holder NO showing, mommy! Yay, right??"
"We don't eat the stale bread, we feed it to the ducks..."

Hello, Kermit the Frog here..

Grumpy Princess

Happy Hunter!
 Then I had to do some damage control at Leah's new Wednesday night church program after she came home so excited after her first night there and said, "Mom, we prayed for your bottom to feel better at church tonight!" WHAAA???  I injured my hamstring earlier in the week when Autum jumped on my knee while I was sitting in a split position on the I had been using a heating pad and working it out with a lacrosse ball all week long...I asked why she thought I had a hurt bottom and she said, "because you have been wearing a heated diaper all week!!"  Oh my gosh....still not sure whether to just let that one go or try to pick up the pieces on Sunday...
After Leah's first 5K run--Zombie Run! Autum ran/walked about 3/4 mile of it.

Daddy and Leah building their new fort in the backyard!

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  1. What fun! Did Leah run the entire 5K? Very impressive! :)