Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Zoo Birthday

Fish...feeding the fish.

A quick break.

An attempt at one good pic

This gorilla kept rolling his eyes at Leah...haha!

Then Blake gave it a try.

Fighting over the wooden horse. I'm not standing there to pose, just to keep Autum from shoving Blake off the back. :)

We spent Sunday afternoon at the zoo to celebrate Autum's birthday and Mimi Terri's Birthday.  It was a beautiful day outside and the animals were all out and moving around. 

Blake liked the animals that were in his face and moving.  Forget the elephant swinging his tail 50 yards away, nope!  Not exciting enough.  Give him a snake climbing up the glass, preferably glass he could lick and he would be entertained for hours.  Then everyone else was entertained when I had to drag him away kicking and screaming, every. single. time.

Leah had her eye on every vending machine, pop dispenser, snow cone stand, and gift shop in sight.  As well as every 50 cent viewing and feeding station.  That girl just had her mind set on spending Papa David's money. :)  And eating...she did figure out how to get a penguin to follow her though.  She put on quite a display for everyone tracing the water with a blade of grass as the little penguin with the pink clips on her wings swam right along chasing that blade of grass.  Leah loved the attention and even bowed after her performance for all the by-standers.

Autum just toddled along with us, sipping on her juice box, chewing on her snacks.   Waving at the animals as we walked by, hollering out a hello!  Completely indifferent to one animal from the other.  "Hi Snakey, snakey!"  "Hello monkey, monkey!"  She did keep her distance, though, a little unsure of what to think.  Especially after a random tall bird crossed our walkway and let out a shrill squawk as Papa David assured Autum it wouldn't do anything to her as she walked by...that girl jumped about 100 feet in the air, and had to be held and reassured of her safety until we got back to the caged up animals. :)

We ate a late lunch and headed home.  The little's slept nearly 3 hours.  So I'd say it was a good day!

Happy Birthday Mimi Terri!
Happy Birthday Autum!


  1. Happy Birthday, Autumn! Love the girls cute Halloween shirts. Looks like it was a fun (and exhausting!) day. Love long nap days! :)

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