Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My BFF Business Woman

So I have apparently been underestimating the smarts of my firstborn, red-headed child.

I decided to dive into the dark hole of papers that make up her book bag last weekend to see what all I have probably missed as far as parent reminders, meetings, special events, fundraisers, and homework.  What I found instead were some trinkets that I KNOW did not belong to us: a snow globe with a bear in it, some jewelry, a small coin purse, Leah's wallet with a large sum of cash and coins in it, some candy, and a few other knick knack things.  I also found a notebook filled with people's names, and some sort of scribbly writing I didn't understand.  Kid code or something. 

At the top was written, "BFF Club."

Now my curiosity was killing me. I brought the subject up as we were driving to the grocery store that evening, just her and I.  I said, "so what is BFF Club?" 

She turns her head quickly and gives me this stair like "oh crap!"

She thinks on it a bit and says "It's my club."

I ask her what it means to be in her club...to which she thinks again for awhile.  As if to carefully word what she says in order to protect her club members or something..

My curiosity peaks even more...

She says, "Well, I'm the boss of my club.  And people sign up to be my BFF's..."

I listen some more.

I say, "That's interesting.  And people sign up just to be YOUR BFF? You must be special...what do you do in your club?"

She replies, "Weeelllllll...to be in my club they have to give me gifts..."

Silence.  As I sort out my careful response, without laughing...and also in complete amazement with her sales skills...this girl has a gift!

I finally say, "So let me get this straight, to be your BFF, people have to sign up on your list and give you gifts?"

"Yeah, kinda...or money."

I can't take it any longer. I gently tell her that she has to return the gifts and money, that to be a true friend means you care for that person no matter what.  That you show them God's love by our words, actions, and heart.  It should not involve lists and gifts.  That is is a feeling and connection a relationship, not gift-giving...

(all the while thinking she could have a career in politics)

And also realizing this explains why a neighbor girl in Leah's class brought over a basket of Starbursts the night before with a note for Leah...for no reason...according to Leah...


She assures me she returned all the gifts and money and I think we are back on track with friendships.  Feeling pretty proud of the lesson she learned, I forget about it.

Until this week, when I check her bag out again and see another "BFF List" and a few trinkets in the bottom of her bag.   

I stomp up the stairs to her room to find out what this new list involves.  And to get an explanation for more gifts...

She says, "Oh mom! Don't worry about it!  Now, my BFF's just rent me their gifts for a night, so they can be in my BFF Club!  I'm not accepting them to keep, just to borrow.  It's all good!"

Oh my word...
Leah at CrossFit Kids


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