Thursday, August 1, 2013

We Are Moving

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders this week.  I can finally share the news that we are moving.  You see, I have been only able to share half the truth, with most of you that have been asking, the past few weeks, as you saw the 'for sale' sign in our yard.

We are moving. Yes. (just like I told you)
We (were) planning to move to the country. Yes. (just like I told you)
We (didn't) know where we were moving too. Yes. (just like I told you)

I can now finally fill in the gaps of the rest...

We are moving to McPherson.
We are moving for many reasons, but the main one being that Jerad took a new job there.  One he has been going through the interview process for, for over a year.
We weren't lying in telling you we wanted to move to the country.  We honestly did and still do.  But a few things have changed since then.  We sold our house in 2 weeks.  We have 30 days to move out. We were planning on it taking a while.  We were planning to rent until we found a place we really loved with some acreage.  There are absolutely no rent houses in McPherson for a large family to rent, none!  School starts in McPherson a lot sooner than Hillsboro.  We are in a hurry.  All of the sudden.  We learned of a house for sale that was not on the market in McPherson, only through word of mouth.  We looked at it.  We looked at it again.  We signed a contract on it.  Things are moving quickly.  I'm enrolling the kids in McPherson school district, Saturday.  Holy smokes!!

Here we go!  Only a week ago I was planning to enroll the kids in Hillsboro, stay here awhile longer, and Jerad and I drive to work each day.  But now everything has changed.  I honestly didn't have all of this information until a week ago.  And I thought I had a plan, had it all figured out.

So there.  Now you have all the details.  I can breathe again.  Phew.
We have one month left in the town that has been our home for 6 1/2 years.  But that is a post for a later date.
Not ready to let my thoughts go there yet...


  1. Oh my goodness! Praising God for Jerad's job - what a process it has been! And praying for you, sweet mama and dear friend, as you do it ALL In the coming days.....pack, tend to your babes, pack some more, enroll, pack some more, try to work out and have quiet time, pack some more, work, and tend to being a wife/mommy/worker all in one. Congrats!

  2. God has a different plan than ours sometimes! He will see you through it all! Good Luck in your new adventures and with packing ;-)!