Tuesday, August 20, 2013

July and the End

We only go to our County Fair for Blake to sit on every lawnmower display.

...and see the goats.

...and he hates the chickens.

Leah's first day of school! She looks so grown up!  And has her breakfast to eat on the way!

Strolling with our babies..

While Blake works his little heart out trying to get Mr. Monkey to sit in the tailbed of his truck...

He just won't stay...

SO he concludes to just hold him instead.

Jerad made the mistake of putting Leah in charge of the hose...this was the only dry picture of him...

Blake trying to figure out Leah's bike helmet.


These are the only snapshots of July that I have, unfortunately.  June was busy with T-ball, swimming, doctor's appointments, etc. And July flew by because of moving, packing to move, transferring every detail with doctor's, schools, dentists, banks, insurance, homes, money....blah blah blah.

SO I feel like we missed 1/2 our summer.  Leah's back in school already and its all over.  All the fun I had planned to have and things we were hoping to do...*sigh*

We have 1 1/2 weeks left in the 'boro it looks to be.  So we are cherishing every last walk, last visit to our favorite spots on Main Street, playing on every piece of equipment at the park, saying our goodbyes to familiar faces...pretty much preparing to say our goodbyes to the familiarities that have become the 'norm' for us the past 6 1/2 years living here.

 I think its going to be harder than I thought it would be to leave.  This has been home.  It has been the longest we have lived anywhere together yet.  It's all our kids remember as home so far in their young lives. So we will cherish these next few weeks amongst the chaos and stress, because this is it.  The end of this phase of our lives.  Onto new places, new jobs, and new faces.

And new memories!

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  1. Good Luck in McPherson, if I remember right that is where you are moving to. Hillsboro is a wonderful town but McPherson isn't bad either. We live in the area also.