Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I am pretty sure I wrote a blog just like this last year when Leah started back to school.  I realize how much I need her here helping me corral these two little goobers.  I get so used to her having an extra eye on them when we are getting ready...saying things like:

"Blake's got his head in the toilet again, mom!"

"Autum just threw her shoes in the toilet now!"

"Autum's biting Blake!"

"Autum just pooped on the basement floor...didn't you just take her to the potty?"

"Oh by the way, while you were cleaning up the basement mess, Blake got out the back door and is swimming in the moss-covered baby pool you forgot to clean out 2 months ago...with his new school clothes on!"

"Mom! Autum is hiding in her closet eating all the suckers out of the diaper bag! (as I was thinking that explains why she had death grip on the diaper bag at naptime today...couldn't figure out why she was koala-bearing the bag while asleep--makes perfect sense now!)

"Mom, (as we are halfway to McPherson, running late, while I take Leah to school!) Bobby (aka Blake) stinks BAD-he pooped!" (and this is when I remember I left the diaper bag sitting on the front porch)

10:30 pm---"Mom!! Autum is hiding under my bed, she woke me up!"

"Blake is drawing all over the side of daddy's white truck with his sidewalk chalk..."

"Oh Mom...that outfit looks terrible!  You look WAY uglier than me today, did Autum pick out your clothes?"

"Autum is standing on her bed pottying!"

"Blake is trying to jump off the top of the playground set at the park."

"Autum is dangling from the monkey bars, how come you can't hear her screaming?"

"You cookies look like hockey pucks in the oven, the beeper's been going off for 5 minutes!"

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