Wednesday, September 4, 2013


My observations with going through all of our stuff the past week.

1. We have too much stuff...
2. Too much stuff makes me feel angry, when so many are in need elsewhere...
3.  A 2 and 3 year old can unpack stuff faster than I can turn my head around...
4.  Large empty boxes will keep a 2 and 3 year old busy for at least an hour...
5.  Leah is a hoarder.
6.  I go through Leah's stuff when she is not home.
7.  Blake is NOT a hoarder.  He throws away new shoes, my bra, his new school bag, Autum's doll...
8.  I check the trashcan before taking it out to the dumpster.
9.  What do you do with all your old pictures?
  -Thank GOD there was not Facebook when you were in high school and college..
  -Jerad and I had to reach an agreement on how many old boyfriend/girlfriend pics you keep from high school and college.
  -Do you throw away only the ones from college that do not show you with beer in your hand or do you keep those as lessons to your kids later on in life?
  -You wonder exactly what you were thinking taking pictures of half the things you did..
  -You just don't even ask about some of them and immediately throw them in the burn pile...
  -You keep hilarious pictures of your family members for blackmail later on...
  - You do some explaining to your husband when he asks about a few of the pics from high school..
  -You laugh one minute and cry the next..
  -You realize you need to call some old friends and reconnect..
  -Explain to Leah that the prom pictures of me with another guy doesn't mean I don't like daddy anymore..I didn't even know daddy which she kept covering her eyes and said "I just can't look at it!"

10.  I have less clothes than Jerad now...explains No. 5 above.
11.  Moving is a great workout.
12.  Especially when you move on a day when it is 100 degrees out with 90% humidity.
13.  Family is awesome!
14.  Kids are far.
15.  Sleeping next to Blake's room alerts me to his 3 am habit of singing, while still asleep, sitting up...every night..
16.  The thrift store here shuts its doors when they see my van roll my 4th load of crap.
17.  You always think your kitchen is big...until you start unloading boxes.
18.  Make sure you know your new address before calling the gas company and waiting 30 minutes to talk to the next available representative..and having to hang up and start over.
19.   Deposits are expensive!  Do you ever really get them back?
20. I hate wallpaper...I still feel like I'm staying the week at my grandmas...not living in my new house.

On a side note, we did NOT find the 2, $100 bills that Autum ran off with last Friday morning while I was still in bed.  She took them off the cabinet and hid them, but won't tell us where and seemingly can't remember.  I kept thinking they would just a box, in a bag, somewhere...but NO such luck!  It became the joke of the weekend.  Jerad thinks she'll just come out of her room one day and say "hewe's youw money! I done with it!"

At this point, I'm hopeful of that too.  Or else we just donated a fairly new oven to a local couple. UGH! Almost makes me sick..

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