Saturday, March 23, 2013

Profound Thoughts/Discoveries

This week has been one of discoveries at our house. Ones that come from many different levels.

For example, Blake realized during our week at home for spring break that he can open any door going outside and escape.  Easy as that.  One turn of the knob and he's out of here.  So now we lock all the doors.  And that leads to everyone else's frustration...

He also discovered he hates his new SMO's.  And I have discovered its nearly impossible to find shoes to fit over those suckers.  We have looked and tried on shoes, and ordered shoes, much without success.  Poor kid.  Poor feet.  Frustrated mommy.  If anyone is looking for a business venture, shoes that fit over AFO's or SMO's is a genius product line. :)

Autum discovered she can remove all of her clothes, diaper included.  So for every naptime and bedtime, I have to make several return trips to her room only to find her naked as a jaybird.  In the mornings when she awakes, I'm usually met with a 5-lb. full of pee diaper dangling over the side of the crib and chubby little girl jumping up and down in excitement at her achievement.  Any chance she has to sit and remove her clothes she does.  In the grocery cart at the store...on the trampoline in the backyard when its 40 degrees and windy the carseat...whenever she thinks she wants to take a bath--at any point in our day...right before we are needing to leave...

Leah discovered she can read chapter books! She has worked her little heart out reading a 150 page chapter book from our public library. She checked it out 2 weeks ago, and I believe my words I muttered as we left the library were...'she'll never get that read.'  I believe she did it just to prove me wrong! But nevertheless, I'm pretty happy for her! And happy she's growing a love for reading...just like me, if only I had time to read something besides the ABC's these days.

Jerad is realizing that spring time is right around the corner and he is really wishing he had his bass boat back.  He gets the 'fishing' itch about this time every year.  And spends a lot of time watching the outdoor channel, researching fishing forecasts, chatting with locals about their honey holes, and dreaming his way through the latest Bass Pro Shops catalog.  I keep telling him to go, but evidently shore fishing just isn't the same.

And finally, I have made a profound discovery, just this morning in my devotions.  I'm studying the book of James through a Beth Moore series, called "Mercy Triumphs".  Good stuff.  And what I was either reminded of, or else what was brought to my attention in a way I've never taken notice to before is that...I have no control over what will happen today or tomorrow.  That I cannot control my destiny or enforce the fulfillment of all my plans.  Seriously, no can do.  That my life is but a vapor, a mist, a puff in time.  To quote from the devotional, "God is the only one looking through every layer and at every implication.  He also looks upon a situation in context of what is, what was, and what is to come. His deliberations don't just involve immediate impact.  He sees our place and our positions amid carefully woven generations."  WHOA....I see only immediate impact, right now.  And get frustrated by timing.  By having to wait.  But things moving to quickly.  By so many things. I think the piece that had the most profound effect on my thoughts is that Christ knows "what is to come."  I can know most of my history effecting a decision, I kind of know what is going on right now, but that piece about knowing what is to come is HUGE in making a decision about how much to worry, plan, etc. Wow. I'm going to go ponder on that awhile.

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  1. Liran has always had SMO's. We just get shoes 2 sizes too big. Wide helps, as well as pulling out the original insole. Liran's latest pair are New Balance running shoes in wide width I found at Famous Footwear in Newton. Liran has chubby feet, so anything with velcro is out of the question because it eventually gets too tight to pull over.