Wednesday, March 27, 2013

In Deep

I came to the realization today that I'm in deep in a life of "little's." I mean, seriously, my life is controlled by little people.

This is how I came to this realization today...
I needed to take a shower, I mean, bad.  As I was combing Leah's hair this morning, a big 'ol rats nest mess of hair, I asked her when the last time she took a shower which she replied "last weekend!"  I said "you have to take a shower more than once every 5 days!" And she said..."well, your hair doesn't look like you do!"

Good point, darling, good point.  See that is how bad I needed a shower.  But taking a shower when my 3 year old and 2 year old are home, is a mental battle.  In the way of, how much of a mess do I want to deal with after the quick 5 minute shower I need.  I have to weigh the options.  Do I just wash my hair or just shave?  Do I have time for both?  How fast can I get this done in?  So I talked myself into taking a shower, and as I was walking back to my bathroom to sneak a shower in...I realized what I was doing...I turned on Elmo on our large screen TV in the living room.  I got both kids their cups.  I turned the TV onto Sesame Street in our bedroom.  I opened the basement door and turned on the light downstairs in hopes of enticing them down there before they got to the bathroom I'd be showering in.  I unloaded all of the soaps, lotions, creams, make-up, and spray bottles from the bottom shelves of my bathroom cabinet.  And it hit me...they have taken over!!  I did not have to do this thought-out of a routine before...

When I have to set traps to keep my kids out of the bathroom or from emptying my pantry, or from unloading the refrigerator or from climbing the window know you are in deep! I stopped what I was doing and just laughed.  This is the stage of life I'm in right now, I can only imagine the traps I'll be setting for me teenagers when they come home late! :)

Just to take a stinkin' shower!

Then I realized what else I make accommodations for in a house run by little's.  Sesame Street now takes place of The View.  Balancing the checkbook online is replaced by YouTube videos of baby animals put to music.  We go "potty and poopy" now, not "I need to take the browns to the Super Bowl!"  I no longer cut my leg shaving, I have an 'ouchy!'  I no longer run to the store or run errands...I have to prepare an hour ahead of time with snacks, diapers, wipes, sippy cups, shoes on, clothes on, hats and coats on, van warmed up, buckled list, leave the driveway, drive around the block and come back because we've forgotten a pacifier (or a "Ga" as Autum calls it).  I use sign language for words I don't even know. The sign for poopy is patting the bottom and then pinching our nose.  We drink "juice"....which is code for anything that comes in a cup.  I speak in toddler language..."water" is "wateey"...."Leah" is Eeah" parents I now refer to as Mimi and Papa...bedtime is 8:30 pm for the kids and 9 pm for Jerad and me.  I sing the clean up song even if its me alone, dusting. We listen to Kids Silly Songs in the car, not 96.3 or 102.1.  All movie choices are Disney related.  Shut up, fart, and hate are the new bad words at our house.  The last banana goes to the kids.  The last cookie is split 3-ways between the kids.  If I want any type of chocolate during the day, I have to eat it in my closet with the lights off, where no one can see me.  When my cell phone or the remote go missing, the toy box is the first place I look, not under the couch cushions.  I no longer shop in my section at the clothing store.  Nope, I will start in my section and end up in the toddler and girl's section.  The only books I read have to do with exercise, nutrition, and child rearing.  Running magazines are replaced by Parent magazines.  Jerad and I no longer talk to each other about weekend trips, fun dates, or crazy memories...nope, its diapers, finances, and the next birthday party for the kids. 

*sigh* has been a slow, sneaky, sly takeover that has occurred unannounced.  Ever so slightly.  Without me even realizing.
I suppose this is the same way that kids grow up on us..unknowingly...
According to all the older, and much wiser people in my life...I better enjoy it while it lasts...


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