Friday, February 22, 2013

This and That

She HAS to dress herself  every morning for school, so Jerad told me to start taking pictures of the outfits she picks out to show her someday when she's older.  Very creative!

This is how we spent our Sunday, last weekend.  BEAUTIFUL!

This is what we did yesterday...only 4 days later!  Kansas, anybody?

Riding in sled while daddy pulls Autum...this is on our street, by the way.

Now daddy wants a ride!  I believe we got close to 12" by the end of it all.

And Leah took a liking to Brent, the snow blower, and followed him everywhere...

And more....

And my dad's birthday was this past week so the kids' sung a Happy Birthday rendition of their own.  At one point I believe Autum says "Happy Birthday Poopy Papa!"  Oh my....*sigh*

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