Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Oh my goodness...we are on snow day number 4 and day number 6 of being stuck at home...

If my two little kids loved snow, and the cold weather, it would make it so much easier to get out and about or even go sledding.

But...this is the reaction I get from the two littles...

Not impressed....
So Leah goes outside and plays in the snow while the two little's watch happily from the inside of a warm house.  Autum will get out more than Blake.  If I even open a door, Blake takes off running to hide pointing his finger for me to leave him alone while yelling "BOOOOGAAAAAH!"  (which we have translated to mean "back off!")

So Friday of last week I was about to go nuts and the kids were getting stir crazy so we ventured out to our one snow hill in town to sled. 
He could not move in these pants.

And it was quite entertaining to us to watch him fall down and try to get up. He could not bend at the waist!


This is the only way Autum would go down!

Buddy sledding!
Since these photos we have gotten another 7-10" of snow.  It's beautiful outside with the snow blanketing everything in its white pureness...I'm just hoping we can interrupt this wonderland with our sleds later today!  Whether my little Ukrainian likes it or not!

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  1. Poor Blake, I think he feels like I do about winter :). My saving grace is that March is tomorrow...that means spring is close. Better be anyway!!