Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I took today off to attend Valentine's Day parties with the kids, Jump Rope for Heart with Leah, and to have a lunch date with a friend.  I packed 3 bags full of gluten-free, dairy-free candy for the kids...which equates to lots of Gummi-Worms, Skittles, Smarties, Orange Drops, Suckers, and Licorice....aka SUGAR!

This is how the reaction played out...Autum squealed in excitement upon opening her bag, and immediately popped a sucker in her mouth.  I made all 3 kids oatmeal in an effort to somehow get some fiber in them to counteract the sugar overdose they would experience on this special day.  Autum shoved hers to the side and dumped her bag of candy was so bad, Jerad went to give her a hug before leaving for work and she yelled "MINE!" and leaned over her candy....thinking he was going to take it!  Then Blake took a peek in the bag, realized he hated the texture of the Gummi Worms and Orange Drops, spit out his sucker, and pointed at his oatmeal bowl and banana...that's my boy!  Banana's are like candy to a Ukrainian child with a history in an orphanage!  He LOVES them!  More than candy.  And Leah began complaining that she would rather have the box of chocolate we bought for Daddy, it would taste WAY better.  Then she told me she hopes she doesn't grow a sweet tooth because she's heard they talk really loud. 

And then she said that her Papa told her that her Mimi (aka grandma) has a loud sweet tooth! :)

We drove Leah to school, all in our PJ's high on sugar as of 8 am.  Autum had a sucker stuck in her hair, Blake had a stinky diaper, and I wasn't wearing any shoes, but had on my pink sweats (it wasn't all bad--they were somewhat festive!)

Then we loaded up again an hour later for Blake's Valentine's Day party at school.  Autum got to tag along.  We made Valentine's Day bags with glue and scissors....ayay!  And then handed out cards with the child's name on was chaotic, loud, and crazy!  Blake and his other buddy, Adam, who also shares designer genes, made their way to the book corner and couch--away from the noise!  Autum made herself right at home, glueing everything in sight to her Valentine's bag...and taking full advantage of her free reign, unsupervised use of scissors!

We got home close to lunchtime so we loaded up on GF, DF chocolate cupcakes and some GF pizza!  Everyone's favorite!

Then I headed out the door with a friend.

It was quite a day!

Last night I vacated to our bedroom for some quiet time, only to find this going on! 

A little Jump Rope for Heart Action


Best buds!!

Handing out Valentine's to cute little girls!

And eyeing his sister's bag...

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