Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween in the States!

Olympic gymnastic team
Atlanta Braves fan
Wednesday night we hit the streets to Trick or Treat!  Our town does a Trick or Treat Main Street, so we visited all the downtown businesses to be 'treated' by all the local business owners.  So we did a lot of walking. The only way we could get Blake to keep moving was for him to pull his wagon.  So he worked hard to fill that wagon up with candy.  Every time someone would put a piece of candy in his wagon, he'd sit down, and inspect it, before we could move on.  We stopped at the police station booth and the police chief handed Blake a tootsie roll...Blake shifted it around in his hand then threw it back in the face of the police chief...everyone held their breath for a moment, before he erupted in deep belly laugh, and we all exhaled.  He said "well, I guess you don't like tootsie rolls..." and held the bowl up for Blake to pick his own piece...Blake wrapped his arms around the entire bowl and lifted it out of the police chief's hands and tried to sit it in his this point we intervened and redirected Blake to another storefront...he got the hang of things before long.

It was difficult for him to keep up with Leah as she sprinted from store to store, which explains the lack of pictures I have of her.  And every time I turned around Autum was eating another piece of candy from her bucket.  She clearly didn't understand the diet of a gymnast.  By the end of the night, her bucket was half full, she was one big sticky mess, with chocolate drips stained down the front of her face and leotard, socks, and legs!  I literally had to pry the candy bucket from her hands to get her into the bathtub.  She stood at the edge of the tub, naked, with the bucket in her hands, screaming "MINE!"  For the past 2 days, every word out of her mouth has ended with "caaannnny, mom?"

We headed home early, ordered pizza, and celebrated Blake's birthday with more candy and more cake!  Autum had been asking for 'cake' all day, whenever I said it's Blake's birthday.  So she got her wish.  Then everyone bounced off the wall for a while before crashing hard.

The bank was giving out bags of popcorn, when Blake realized this, he was done!  He plopped himself down and wasn't moving.  So that ended up being our last stop!

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