Friday, November 30, 2012

Mr. Boots and the Bathroom

Mr. Boots Adventures Day 2 & 3...
So Day 2...Mr Boots 'upped' his game and made himself a little less easy to find.  Leah woke up for school and immediately began darting around the house trying to find Mr. Boots.  After searching all the places she thought he'd be, she went back to her room.  I just assumed she was getting her clothes on for school, so I continued cooking breakfast and getting the other 2 kiddos around.  About 15 minutes went by, and if any of you know how long it takes Leah to get out the door for school, you will realize these were precious minutes wasted away....because I went in to check on her in her room only to find her in her bed with the lights off.  I wasn't sure what was going on so I went and tapped her on the shoulder and asked what was going on. She was scrunching her eyes and nose up, trying her bestest to 'sleep.'  She flipped the covers back and said she was going back to sleep because Mr. Boots hadn't come back yet and he only flies when she's asleep.  Haha!  Poor girl.  So I had to help direct her the right way.  When she found him atop daddy's deer, her next concern was his anger with Mr. Boots riding his deer's antlers.  But after getting approval from daddy for him only being there for a short ride, she was okay with it all.

The next morning, Mr. Boots made his appearance in the bathroom.  He must have been sleepy from his previous night's trip to the North Pole, so he used a wash rag to cover up and take a short snooze.  He tapped me on the head while I was getting Autum's comb and hair rubberband and caused quite a commotion in the bathroom that everyone came running and found him perched atop the vanity!  Because we found him so quickly that morning we were able to get on with the mornings routine a little quicker.  We all ate breakfast and I began to clean up the oatmeal mess sprayed across the table, high chairs, floors and walls, while Leah went to use the bathroom.  Again, mom instinct kicked in and I realized she had been perched on the ivory throne for longer than I made my way into the bathroom to see what was going on.  She was still sitting on the toilet with her hands rested under her chin, with her eyes closed, and a focused look on her face.  I wasn't sure how to address the situation so I gently asked if she was feeling okay.  She then replied "A GIRL CAN'T POOP WITH AN ELF LOOKING AT HER! Plus its going to stink, so Mr Boots needs to pull that rag over his face!"  So after exploding in laughter, I did what she asked and pulled Mr. Boots blanket over his head long enough for her to do the deed.  Then as we left I uncovered his face and Leah suggested I turn on the fan for his sake....BAHAHHA!

Oh my....

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  1. Hilarious! SO glad you put this in writing - it's going to make a great book or story someday! :)