Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Arrival of our Elf

This past weekend we were paid a visit by one of Santa's elves.  He is here for the Christmas season as an extra set of eyes on the kids.  He watches them from his perch somewhere in the house everyday until Christmas.  He then uses his magic to fly back to the North Pole every night to report to Santa of each child's daily behavior.  There are several rules though.  One, you have to name your friendly little elf.  Our special guest is now known as: Mr Boots.  Still not sure where they came up with that one, but every choice Leah suggested Autum said 'noooooo.'  And Blake just watched in wonder, with  his fingers in his ears.  (this has become his new go-to move whenever the girls are being loud--can't say I blame him).  So I made the final decision of Mr. Boots.  The other rule is: You cannot touch Mr. Boots.  If you do, he loses his magic and can't fly back to the North Pole each night to see Santa and his other elf friends and family.  So we read the book he brought along with him about his trip to our house, why he was visiting, and what would happen if the kids didn't behave.  Each morning when he returns, he'll be in a new look-out point to better observe.  And part of the fun is to find his new hiding spot upon awakening each day.

So Day 1's report: Mr. Boots made his home for Sunday atop the pantry in the kitchen.  The kids walked through the kitchen and peered up to make sure he was still there.  Well, by the end of the day, Mr. Boots must have gotten relaxed and fallen asleep. When Blake slammed the pantry door Mr. Boots flipped over and down the 5 foot drop to the tile floor. Making a hard landing.  Blake immediately grabbed him up and began shaking him, much to Leah's horror.  She began crying, "DON'T touch him, Blake!!!!  His magic is gone...!!  Moooooommmmm, (cries) Mr. Boots is dead.  His magic is gone.  Now we won't get any presents.....waaaahhhhh!"  Still not understanding, Blake tucked him under his arm and began to run away from what he thought was a threat to his new found friend.  Jerad scooped Mr. Boots up from Blake's arms and replaced him atop his perch.  Ensuring Leah that he was alive and his magic wasn't gone.  Blake just might not get any presents, but that she should, still.  

Day 2: Mr. Boots made his second day's appearance atop the oven hood in the kitchen.  Evidently most of the "trouble" occurs in the kitchen because he has made his stay there 2 days now.  I left the room to get dressed for the day and I returned to hear Leah in the kitchen saying something I couldn't make out.  My first thought was she was frustrated with something and was yelling, because it was quite loud.  My second thought was, she's going to wake the little ones.  So I scurried in to peek around the corner of the kitchen in time to make out what she was saying.  She is standing directly in front of the oven facing Mr. Boots head on...and this is what I hear: "BLINK!  Blink...I said BLINK! Blink....BLINK, Mr. Boots!!"  Upon requesting Mr. Boots to blink a few more times without any response on is part, she turns to me and says "he's not real, mom....he's not doing what I tell him too..."  I quickly came up with the idea that he was probably still sleepy and maybe not awake yet this morning.  She seemed to be satisfied with that answer and moved on. 

Stay tuned for more Mr. Boots adventures, because so far it has been quite interesting.  And I do have to say quite effective.  This time of year, you gotta use all the ammunition you can to keep your kids in line! Especially when they give you looks like this! :)

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