Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fit in Life

My job is to coach people with mental and physical disabilities in health, exercise, and nutrition.  I work closely with each client, and his/her case manager, support staff, family, and friends to help provide an encouraging environment for the client to make good decisions about his/her health.  I incorporate daily exercise into their routines, through either one-on-one or group efforts with me, as well as activity on the days I'm not around.  We make weekly menu's and grocery lists that each client chooses the meals and snacks to incorporate, on a budget.  We write down and discuss good out-to-eat options and offer incentives for good choices.  I try to weigh the clients monthly to provide progress charts.  But most importantly, we gauge progress in strength,range of motion, mood, focus, energy, wellness, and confidence.  Small improvements that most of the general population take for granted, are huge steps for my clients.

Here are a few of the improvements we measure..
--Combing my own hair.
--Lifting my arm high enough to put on deodorant.
--Helping transfer myself to and from my wheelchair.
--Standing up out of a chair without assistance.
--Climbing stairs without having to stop halfway up/down to catch my breath.
--Choosing water/tea instead of diet soda or regular soda during a weekly out to eat day.
--Bending over to pick something up off of the floor without losing my balance.
--Experiencing less pain in my joints and stiffness from sitting in a wheelchair all day.

Steven slamming the ball down and catching it.

Amy and Debbie doing sandbag carry in our team workout!
Lately, I have been incorporating Crossfit-style workouts in my client's weekly regimen.  And let me tell you...I have been blown away with the determination, strength, and efforts being put forth in these sessions.  Whoever says Crossfit can't be adapted to his/her needs or skill level is WRONG....check these videos out and tell me you can't do it.

Here Debbie is doing a workout we named after her:
"Little Debbie"
7 Pull Ups
7 Push Ups
7 Step Ups
7 Squats
...repeat 7 times.

And Amy doing the same workout, trying to beat Debbie's time!

And here is Janna Frank doing a Wall Ball/Pull Up routine.  This girl works SO hard every week for me!  And has lost nearly 50 lbs. in the process.  I'm anxious to see where Crossfit continues to take her.

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