Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Steeler's Tix & Getting Physical

So you remember the Basile's, right?

Our adoptive family.  We adopted our kids together last year in Lugansk, Ukraine.  Mila is their daughter.  With me now?

Well, guess what!  They are adding a 3rd daughter to their family!!  Baby Zofia.  Aka "Curly Girlie".  She is beyond sweetness.  Anyway, because they are paper-ready, their adoption process is going fast.  They could be traveling by the end of this year!  So they are having a huge giveaway.  Which includes 2 Steeler's football tickets for the December 30th game against Cleveland.  (They are from Pennsylvania, you know!)  Plus a ton of gift cards!  Anyway, you can donate $5 each or $20 for 5 tickets.  Go to: and then let Sarah know you donated!

We are beyond excited for them and hope you will join in our excitement!  I will also be hosting a Yankee Candle fundraiser soon to help raise funds for them to rescue Zofia!  My heart is softened for Ukraine and will always be, so since I can't go back with her, this is the least I can do to help them out!


I've been really working hard focusing on Blake's development: physically, mentally, emotionally.   Obviously the physical part is on the forefront of my mind because of my work and interests.  So we purchased a tunnel for the kids for their birthday's and we broke it out the other night.  Here's a glimpse of the reaction...

Part of the reasoning for the tunnel is that it makes them crawl.  Crawling is HUGE for coordination and brain development.  As you know, children with Down Syndrome have low muscle tone but also don't process information as quickly...which leads to slower reactions and progress. hope with this tunnel is that it will make Blake have to crawl more as well as work alternating arm and alternating legs (aka crawling)...which requires both sides of the brain to work at the same time.  And this is VERY important for him!  And Autum, for that matter.  We push so hard for our kids to walk at a young age, but it is crucial for these kids to crawl as long as possible to build appropriate leg strength to walk, but also for the brain to really work as it is growing with the child.

Now jump forward about 30 years...and my goal now is to maintain and improve motor skills, brain development, and muscle tone of the clients I work with.  We are currently doing a CrossFit workout regimen to improve these skills.  It is a mini-experiment you could say, to prove that CrossFit is adaptable across the board...even for those confined to a wheelchair!
I can't wait to show you some videos of my wheelchair clients rocking out an exercise called wall balls.  But for now here is a video of 2 of my clients doing a deadlift and bench press workout!  FYI: I even make them crawl as part of their warm-up.  Yes, it is that important.

I believe if we teach and continue to maintain the physical aspect of the lives of people with special needs, the mental and emotional will naturally develop and show improvement.  I'll keep you posted with how it goes. :)

PS--Does anyone know why the green line shows up?  I don't have it on my camera or when I view it on my computer?

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