Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday to my Baby!

Not sure why this video has a green line through it. Sorry!

We celebrated Autum's 2nd birthday this past weekend as a family.  We had vanilla frosted cupcakes at supper, snack time, and for breakfast.  Autum would slap her tray and then say 'cake'...and I'd say 'no...and she'd say 'cake'...and I'd say 'no'...then she'd scream...louder and louder, until even Blake covered his ears...and then I'd give in.

Obviously we have another 2-year old at our house now...making her desires known...

Then Sunday afternoon we skipped naptime and headed to Papa's Pumpkin Patch, where we went down the giant slide 4,403 times.  Touched every pumpkin.  Chased ducks, pet the horse and donkey, fed the chickens, pet the cats, played on the giant dirt pile, swung on barrels, rode on a barrel train, swam in corn bin, threw rocks, went down the slide another 1,200 times, sling shot a pumpkin, posed for pictures..

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