Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Birthday Built for 2

We celebrated Autum and Blake's birthday's this past weekend.  Since Autum is born October 1 and Blake November 1, it only makes sense to do the parties together.  Especially since at this point in their lives, they have no idea otherwise, and until they do, they will be sharing birthday' well as everything else that makes my life easier!

So we celebrated "Elmo" style!

We invited all of our family members and close friends and we ate Elmo cupcakes.  Blake wanted nothing to do with the red frosting at first sight.  He cried and pointed that he wanted it 'off.'  So I proceeded to cut Elmo's face off...and Autum began to cry "Elmo...bye bye...Nooooo!" So we had to do some reconstructive surgery on Elmo's face to stop the crying. So I proceeded to shove a bite of frosting in Blake's mouth to get him started and the rest was history...he gulped it all down in typical "Blake" style...shove it all in at once and make a huge mess!

We snacked on fruits and vegetables.  Guacamole and tortilla chips.  Pumpkin cake.  All the kid's favorites!  Then we got to the good part.  Opening gifts!

And to say the least, we should be set on toys for a long while.  Blake got lots of fun sensory toys that will help me when working with him on his motor skills, verbal skills, and interactions.  They got 2 of a lot of things, because that's how it goes around here now.  Saves me a lot of conflict resolution work and redirecting.  I did not have to entertain much today because they were busy playing, hopefully the newness sticks around a few more days so I can get caught up on laundry and cleaning!

I couldn't help but look around at all of the family and friends that surrounded us during the party.  People who have accepted Blake into our lives so easily and have loved him unconditionally.  My cup was full as I drank in all the blessings and praised God for His goodness.  That is the best gift I could ever give my kids...the love of family.  And I hope someday they are able to look back and realize the blessing it is and has been in their life.

And we ended the day with another dive in the leaf baby and all!


  1. Happy birthday to them both! What a fun celebration.

  2. They both look so big! Seems like time is flying. Can't believe almost a year since you got Blake!