Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Month of July-Summary

The Month of July in Pictures.

Backyard swimming is WAY less stressful on Mommy than the public pool.  Plus, he'll sit here for hours dumping water on himself.
First time for tennis lessons.  The last lesson I came back to pick Leah up and she was sitting in the stands chatting with the other watching mom's...not sure if she's going to be a ball player!

You knew this was coming, right???  Dress-up time!

Cheerleading practice with the Great Grandmas!

Swim lessons for Leah--she went off the diving board for the first time!
Waiting for the candy to be thrown out during the County Fair Parade.

Waving her flag during the parade.

We could NOT get him off of these lawnmowers.  He is ALL boy.
We LOVE goats!  (just don't touch them)

We yell at the goats!

We laugh at the goats.

But its okay to pet the sheep...Autum kept walking around saying "baaa, baaa!"

These things look weird!  Chickens!
This was my team for the event! What a great day!

I competed with a 4-man team in a CrossFit: Operation Liberty Competition.

This is how I 'escape' life and stress!

This is what I do everyday! Haha, get up and down with 2 kids on my hip!  Us mom's killed this part of the workout, even though the bag weighed 2/3's of our body weight!

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