Friday, July 6, 2012

How We Spent our Week..


These are a few snapshots of our week without TV, movies, Internet, etc.  We made it! 

We shot fireworks with my parents and sister and her boyfriend.  Plus a few neighbor friends. 
Then we built indoor forts.
We had pillow fights.
We spent hours at the park and playground.
We went to the public pool, McPherson Water Park, and our own backyard pool.
We went to visit our friends at Parkside Homes.
We had playdates.
We went to see friends.
We went to the YMCA.
We read books, read books, read books.
We sang songs.
We made a music video.
We danced.
We put actions to songs.
We made cookies.
We fried fish.
We  BBQ'd with neighbors.
We made a climbing rope for our backyard.
We cleaned up the yard.
We hauled brush.
We trimmed trees.
We weeded the garden.
We shucked corn.
We snapped beans.
We picked squash.
We watered and watered the garden.
We deep-cleaned the bathrooms.

We stayed busy.  And quite honestly didn't notice the TV not being on.  Maybe my kids aren't old enough to notice, yet.  Or maybe my kids don't sit still long enough to watch a movie.  Or maybe its because we don't have any computer or TV games, and electronics.  Who knows? 

But we did have fun.  I was more aware of the need to pray for people as they came to mind.  I spent much more time in prayer. I had some great Bible reading time.  I rejoiced with praises.  I was burdened by prayer requests.  I was sensitive to the Holy Spirit's lead and prompting.  Much more than I have been in a while.  It was a good refresher and reminder at how distracted I can be by TV.  Radio.  Internet.  Facebook.  Blogging. 

So I am back, but I am re-entering this electronic world with hesitancy.  I vow to remain sensitive to other's needs, to their prayers, to the importance of interceding on behalf of others.  To cry out.  To plea.  To Praise.  To request.

I missed you all.

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