Monday, July 2, 2012

Prayers for my Children

This week we are enabling a media fast.  Somewhat prompted by the book "7" I have spoken of before.  There are a few of us challenging ourselves and our family to this task for 1 week. 
I chose no TV.
No Facebook/Email except for work.
No radio, except for working out.
No movies.
No unneeded texting/phone calls.

I then chose to replace this time with some things for myself to focus on and for my kids.
For my kids:
Volunteer/Help with activities at Parkside Homes (retirement village...we frequent there, but not as much this summer.
Camp out in living room
Bonfire/Fireworks outside
Messy, sensory activities for Blake
Weed garden, pick vegetables

 For myself I have chosen to really focus on getting caught up on my Bible reading, and dissecting God's word.  But my main focus this week has been to intercede on behalf of so many needs of those around me in prayer.  As people/events come to mind, I write them down and pray, pray, pray.
The Farley' Russia!!!
Friends hoping for job changes/promotions.
For my friends doing this media fast to get through this week and their children's complaining.
For discernment in tough decisions
For people traveling
For friends involved in church planting

So today I caught myself mumbling so many prayers, ones I guess I hadn't really realized, until now, were prayers that I must verbalize during my daily routine...

For example,
Dear God, let my kids sleep past 6:30 am...

Oh Lord, I pray that Blake's diaper held up through the night..
...Praise God, it did!

Our Father who art in Heaven, forgive me my sins if I do something I wish I wouldn't have in response to Leah's 49,545th question for the morning...

Dear God, let there be chocolate in this house somewhere..

Oh Lord, when will the crying stop?

Father, please let their be other kids/mom's at the park so I don't have to be the sole entertainment...
...Praise God there is!

Praise You Father, for 2-hour naps...

Thank you Lord for protecting my kids, while they played in the street, much to my ignorance, while I watered the flowers...

Thank you for wisdom today Lord.

Place your blanket of protection over my children/household while we sleep, protect us from the fiery darts of Satan.

God is Great, God is Good, let us thank Him for our food...Amen.  (via the kids)

I praise you for your creation.  Sun.  Moon.  Stars.  Sky.

Clear my heart, mind, and soul of any distractions before I partake of your Word and Scripture today.  Sanctify me, purify me, convict me, lead me, mold me, make me.

I give you praise for your timing, your sovereignty, and Lordship over all.

Forgive me, father.  I have NO patience today.  Thank you for Leah's reminder that I did not show God's love to her when I slammed her door and made her stay in her room for a longer time during quiet time today.

Please help my children understand that you bless us with this food and NOT to waste it.

I pray your hand over Jerad today, as he goes to work.  Guard his heart, his eyes, and his mind from evil.  Give him courage to speak up.  Strength to stand up.  Hope to others.

Oh Dear God...another spilled cup of milk...on the couch? Really?  What are you trying to teach me today?

Lord, thank you for this day.  For your presence.  Your Peace.  Your Mercies.

Oh Holy Spirit, please intercede on behalf of my children's soul's.  Fight for them.  Help them to come to know you in a real way, a personal way, not because of me, but because of their desire and love and excitement to know you on their own.  I pray you will surround them with influences that direct them to You, Father.  Protect their hearts and minds.  Give them your peace.

Use my family to further your kingdom.

Help me to know you more.

Give me your supernatural favor at work Tuesday and Thursday.  Give me grace.  Lots of grace.

Thank you for allowing me the outlet of exercise, and my enjoyment and benefit from doing it.  Mentally and physically.

Forgive me for the fear underlying my anxiety over this decision..

Alert me of opportunities to serve this week, to love.  To intercede and pray.  Burden my heart for the things that burden yours Father.  Help me not to forget.


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  1. What a blessing you are to me Anna. I am going to directly seek out the book 7 and begin prayerfully applying the goals in my life. God Bless you and I will continually keep praying for you! xxoo B