Monday, April 9, 2012

"Jesus is a Rose!"

...This was just one of the exclamations that I heard Leah share with the world this past weekend.

On one other occasion, I heard her say that in Sunday School she learned "Jesus lived in a rock before going to Heaven!"

And then...
At the Easter egg hunt in our community, after waiting in line to hug the Easter bunny, she runs up gives the bunny a hug, then turns around and yells to me "Mom, that's not the Easter bunny!  That's Larry!!!" (who happens to be our neighbor and the City Commissioner) I nearly dove on her before she ruined the excitement for the smaller children anxiously waiting in line to give the Easter bunny a hug. 
This was all the closer he was getting to "Larry."
Still not sure how she could tell it was him :)
Ohhh, you just never know with her!

Other than that, we hid eggs and found them. 
     Or if you are Autum, you found an egg, shook it to listen for jelly beans inside, chucked it if there weren't any, or if there were, sit down and take a break to eat the goodies inside.   Then get up and look for more...

     Blake just loved having all the colored 'balls' to throw in the yard.  Find an egg... throw it.  Find an egg...throw it.  The plastic ones make the best sound when they hit the cement or the porch.  Sometimes jellybeans would spill out and Autum would trot over as fast as her chubby little legs would carry her to scoop up the sugary sweets he left behind.
On her way to another jellybean...with a mouthful already!
"Cleaning up Blake's jellybean mess!"

We attempted church again.  Large crowds, nursery, and Blake haven't been a good mix the past few months home, but we wanted to try again.  We got all dressed up, snapped a few pics, and headed out. 

We had a late night of crying and anxiety...again, but we did get the chance to celebrate that "Jesus is a rose" with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ!
Waiting for mommy to finish getting ready so we can go to church.
Wanting to play outside before church...and thinking Autum has eaten too many jellybeans by the look of her shirt!


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  1. Love the tummy photo! Autum looks about like I do after all the Easter candy and food:)
    Mrs. B.