Thursday, April 19, 2012

6 Months Since "Metcha" Day

Lately I have had so many people ask me how Blake is getting along...

I was looking back at pictures today and realized that tomorrow will mark 6 months since his Metcha Day!

We held our crazy little wild man for the first time that day.  I can remember the anticipation and excitement like it was yesterday.  It's very similar to awaiting the arrival of your firstborn. 

Looking back at Blake's progress since then, just truly amazes me. 
Here's his checklist...
First photo-listing of B-Man at orphanage.
1.Now knows to cry with pain.
2. Can laugh out loud (VERY Pee-Wee Herman-like)
3. Gives hugs and pats your back while squeezing you (still working on kisses with less tongue!) :)
4. Waves goodbye and hello.
5. Points his finger to depict what he wants.
6. Now knows how to play with his toys and with his sisters.
7. He can sit up and hold his head up completely.
8. He can crawl atop anything!
9. He can crawl on all 4's.
10. He can walk. (nearly run)
Photo listing at Reece's Rainbow that won our hearts over!
11. He can push and pull heavy toys.
12. He can sit through a stroller ride.
13. He can swing, go down a slide, and climb through a tunnel all by himself.
14. He can eat rocks.
15. He will sit in grass or dirt now without crying.  In fact he loves to eat dirt as well.
16. He can hold his own against his bigger, little sister.
17.  He can really pester his big sister.
18.  He can clear out every drawer in the house in less than 10 minutes.
19.  He prefers Jerad and I over anyone else and can pick us out of a crowd.
20.  He can pull an all-nighter if he is overstimulated close to bedtime.
Ukrainian photo listing at orphanage at age 1
21.  He can drink out of a sippy cup now.
22. He can blow on a whistle now.
23. He can sit in my lap and listen to 1-2 books now.
24.  He loves bath time now.
25.  He loves swimming.
26.  He claps when excited.
27. He can open the back door and escape into the backyard unnoticed.
28. He can mimic anything.
29.  He almost has all the actions to "Do Your Ears Hang Low?" song
30.  He can slap his tummy when you ask him where his tummy is.
31.  He can sign "more" and "please"...but only when he wants too.
32.  He can fold in half and hide anywhere.
33. He will stay outside and play longer than 30 minutes now.
34. He will let you know if there is food on his tray he does not like.
35. He can throw a ball back and forth with you.
36. He is just learning to hit a ball off of a T.

Last photo listing on Ukrainian adoption website before we met him.
But probably most noticeable of all is...
...he is loved and can feel it. (I can't wait to add to this list over this next year)
Metcha Day 10.19.2011
First time being held by his daddy.
I can just see his fear and uncertainty in his eyes here.  He has no visitors in his 2 year's of life leading up to this day.