Monday, April 16, 2012

Here Comes the Bride...err, so she thinks!

This weekend was C.R.A.Z.Y.

Only way to state it.

My oldest daughter has been counting down to this weekend for nearly a year. 

This was the day all little girl's dream of while growing up.  They imagine the dress they will wear.  The colors they will use.  The man they will walk down the aisle with. How the flowers will look.

This weekend she was the bride, flower girl.  This was serious business for her.

I walked into the kitchen Friday morning to find Leah sitting atop one of our bar stools smack dab in front of both baby's high chairs.  She had her play microphone pressed against her mouth and in the most serious of tones said, "Babies!  I need you to be on your best behavior this weekend.  Tomorrow is a really big day for me and I need to be able to focus!"  Upon which Blake flung one of his waffle crumbs at her and kept on munching away, mindlessly.  You see how well this pep talk/warning sunk in for him. 

Friday night we had the dress rehearsal for her to practice her walk and to know where to stand.  She had it down in no time, she'd been practicing for months...Jerad and I did our best to muffle the baby's squeals and frustration with having to sit still.  At this point, I decided we were genius in scheduling a babysitter for the actual wedding.

Saturday we woke up early and headed to the salon to get Leah's hair 'prettied' up for her big day.  Before we left, I kept having to remind her that this isn't HER wedding.  She and the groom have a fun relationship and because he lives across the street, she spends most days at the window watching him...they are buds!  So I had to make sure she understood he was marrying another woman, and get her 'blessing' for this to occur.  Ha!  Didn't want any meltdowns at the altar...

She spent the day with the bridesmaids getting her picture's taken, getting her lip gloss on, waiting...waiting...waiting.  She had an all white dress on which made me nervous.  We almost made it through without a stain...just a little granola bar on the bottom, but nothing we couldn't get out without a little stain remover.  That's a miracle in my book!

When it was her turn to walk, she performed like a princess.  She daintily dropped the petals on the floor and walked onto the stage to await the bride's arrival.  I was so proud of her and thought she looked so pretty.  And then thought she suddenly looked so grown up...whew!  *tear*

The ceremony was fun and exciting for the couple.  And so was the new couple's departure from the church because before I could catch her..Leah threw the whole bottle of bubbles at the groom, not realizing she was supposed to blow the bubbles out.  I don't think it hurt him too bad!  Made a good laugh for everyone else...

We were planning to travel the 20 miles to the reception but our plans were changed thanks to tornado sirens.  We spent the evening in our basement as tornado after tornado popped up around us.  It was an unnerving evening to say the least.  I believe the closest one was about 5 miles west of us...NO THANK YOU! My husband spent the night out repairing power line poles and returning electricity to patrons, so I spent the night on edge trying to decide at which point we should return to the basement for cover and praying that he stayed safe.  On top of trying to decide what "necessities" we would need if we were to lose our home.  As disappointed as I was for not getting a night out and only getting to play dress up for 30 minutes, and as upset as Leah was for not getting to dance with the groom, I am SO GLAD we chose to stay home with the baby's. 

So despite the evening not ending as hoped, the day was beautiful and perfect for one little redhead.  
Thank you Brock and Sierra for making my little girl's dreams come true...for this weekend, anyway! 


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  1. You guys look great in the "family" wedding pic. And Miss Leah looks beautiful! The Friday morning story!! I had to read it to Jack it was too funny!
    - Ames