Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Birthday Planning 364 1/2 days ago

My oldest child is all about socializing.  She is energized from being around people.  She also loves being the center of attention.  She loves giving and receiving gifts.  She loves sweets.  She loves to party!

She will look at the school calendar list and see who's birthdays are on which days in her class and count down until someone 'might' be bringing treats to class to celebrate...yes, it's that bad.  On Mom's Day a couple of weeks ago, she was SO excited because a classmate of hers had a birthday the same that meant there would be 2 parties!  One for the mom's, one for the birthday.  Whoa!  System overload for this girl...

So you can only imagine the excitement this time of year as her birthday is only a month away.  She has been planning this birthday party since the day after her party last year!!  No joke!  We had a flip-flop party last year, because this girl has a thing for shoes too, and the NEXT day...she was planning a Tangled party for this year.  Since then, we've discussed a cheerleading party, princess party, Snow White party, gymnastics party, swim party, park party, slumber party, lake party, and so on...

Because it's only a month away, and I need to plan something for this little party girl...I gave in and we started making decisions about how this party will go down this year.  So we set a date, next on the list, invitations.

That was this morning's project.
Here's what we decided to do...because I apparently have lost my mind these days!


(I've realized you learn a lot about a person by how they approach fingerpainting...)

Each of these personal masterpieces will be divided up into invitations that will be arriving in mailboxes soon (that is if you are family).  So be looking for one of these priceless invites requesting your presence at Leah's favorite day of the year!  Now onto more planning for the party...
Leah's nice and neat painting.  Just getting her fingertips first.
And here's Autum...she dug her hands in and got messy right away..then decided later this wasn't so fun and IMMEDIATELY wanted it off of her.
Here's a few of the finished projects.
Here's Autum's first beautiful project.
Blake had to give his a taste first...then dug in...and got everything within 3 feet of him covered in paint.`But did enjoy it.

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