Thursday, December 26, 2013

Perspectives of Christmas

I sat back yesterday and absorbed as much of the day as I could.  Wanting it to hurry up at certain times and wanting it to slow down.  Slow down as in being awakened before 6 am by my 7-year old sticking her ice cold fingers under the covers and her other finger in her daddy's ear.  She was promptly returned back to her bed.  Right before my 3-year old little chubby wubby came out of her room ready to EAT!  "Sucker?" "Gum?" "Chocolate?" "Pleeease, mommy?"

Gee, thanks Papa! A new bow and arrow...
That part could have sped up...or at least the hour from 5-6 am so I could have gotten a little more sleep after a late night of assembling and wrapping.  And at least said I slept in until 7...

The part that could have slowed down was each person's excitement and facial expression to unwrapping gifts. 

I observed Leah: (read this without taking a breath in your best auctioneer voice)

"Mom! Mom- Did Santa come-Wonder who his parents are--Does he have kids--The reindeer didn't eat the magic food (oops I forgot to cover that up)--He ate all the cookies, mom--Can I eat the leftover crumbs--Where's my gifts from Santa--He didn't bring me anything on my list--He told me he would bring me one thing on my list--no Apple computer, no iPhone, no prometheum board, no projector screen for my school classroom, I am a teacher I need these things--I can't ride my electric scooter outside its snowy--is this all my gifts--when does mimi and papa come--do they have me more gifts--maybe they brought me a computer--is this all--can we open more gifts--are you sure there aren't anymore gifts anywhere you forgot--now what--we are all done--there are no more gifts to open-my shoes you bought me are too big but I put toilet paper in the toes so they fit--all these people are here--AHHHH--I'm going crazy--so much fun--so loud--so much candy--so much pop--so much food--lets play in the snow--its too cold--lets go back inside--mom have you seen my make up box key--I locked it--oops--can I go stay with Aunt Kate and Uncle Jeremy--please, please, please.  Will you come get me.  My tooth is loose--I'm going to pull it out--it is bleeding--my tooth fell out--Aunt Kate, does the tooth fairy know where you live---how long until Christmas next year--when is my birthday--how many months--AHHAHAHAHAH!!!"
(silence)--she got in the car to go stay with Aunt Kate...*SIGH...

Autum:  (in your best toddler voice, replacing every R and L with a W...)

" it the day for Santa to come?"
"Is it my bewtday or Baby Jesus? Happy Bewday Baby Jesus!  I want to hold baby Jesus...does he use a bottle?  I change his diaper..."
"I ate all my whip taste yummy...I ate all my whipstick too..."
New hair styling set.
"These pwesents awe for me? Yay!!  I open now, Mama?  Okay...ohhh, a dwess! I weaw it now?  Boots? Yay, I weaw them now?  (meanwhile throwing the shirt and pants over her shoulder)  More make up! Yay!  A hair dryer!  My own cuwling iwon?  Mama, I do your haiw?  MORE WHIP STICK?!  YAYYYYY!!! I eat it??  I open Bwake's pwesents?  He no like open them...I help him mama? Pweeease?"
Can I have mowe chocolate?  I WUV chocolate.  Yum.Yum.Yum.Yum.  (she snuck more bites of the chocolate peanut clusters and chocolate peanut butter cookies than I could count)  Can I have more gum? (this was after she finished off a can of Bubble Yum in about 1 hour--yep! At least 10 pieces at about chubby chipmunk cheeks) 
Sugar! Sugar! Sugar!"

Leah and Autum put on a Christmas caroling show with microphones and dance moves, followed up by a cheerleading routine.  Autum was asked by my dad what she wanted from Santa for Christmas and she replied, "A new dress, (getting louder), new boOTS, AND NEW BOOBIES!!!" (SILENCE)  Then bust out laughing by everyone else in the room...pretty sure, she meant to say something else but it came out as that...and I'm sure there were a few other women I know with that request this year too :)

Blake: (in a thoughtful voice in his head, almost a whisper)
"Why are they dragging me out of my bed this early? I just want to lay here and pick more wallpaper off my wall...what? No cartoons this morning...we always do cartoons! What is going on?  Why are Autum and Leah screaming at colored boxes under a big 'ol tree?  Whatever, I guess.  I'll just follow along. 
Are you done taking pictures yet?
Mom is helping me tear something up...what is going on?  I don't know, but I LOVE to tear paper, so I'll participate in this part...ohhh, this is for me? What is it? Am I supposed to be excited? Okay! Yay!  I have no idea but I'll yell and raise my hands in the air.  OHHH! I am excited its a new LeapPad2 just for me!  I am not sharing this thing...(as I point my finger at my sister's with the LeapPad2 tucked behind my back, I squint my eyes and yell at them "no!" just so they know I mean business) There, that should do it.  I'll just take this and go behind the chair and play it myself. 
This yelling and loud noise is making me nervous.  I need a quiet place. I need a quiet place.  What? There is more.  Oh man, stupid jeans.  I hate clothes.  I'll just throw them.  There, now maybe she will get the hint.  Why is there a red sock hanging on the wall with my name on it.  Oh well, I'll dump it out I love dumping things out...a new cap gun? Cool! This will help keep the girls away from my LeapPad2...although Leah got a new bow and arrow so that may pose a threat to this little gun...oh well, I'll try my best!  That LeapPad 2 is MINE! 
Now why are there more people coming to our house. I HATE that!!  Oh wait, there is Papa.  I will go give him a high five and hug.  He'll lift me up above everyone else so I don't feel so scared on the floor.  Ahh! Its soo loud.  I'm going to cry.  I'll just lay my head down and close my eyes on my new chair.  All this sound, noise, and commotion makes me so nervous.  Anxious.  Mommy! Mommy!  Ahhh...she got the hint.  She is swaddling me up tight in a blanket and laying me downstairs in my bed, where its quiet and dark.  Ahhhh...peace.

(a few hours later)
Yay! Tear...destroy!
Mommy waking me up? What time is it?  Is it a new day? Where is everyone?  I'll go check each room to see where they all went...hmm, its quiet. Just mommy, daddy and Alma!  Hmmm...ok.  I still can't seem to relax.  I don't even want to food no food. No! I'll throw it so you will get the hint.  Why did you wake me up? I felt so safe down there alone. 
Please, please.  Why do I feel this way? What is wrong with me? 
I'm sleepy. 
Night, Night.  I'll chase Autum around with my new remote controlled car THAT was fun.  He.He.He...*sigh

I think I most enjoy watching the sparkle in my grandparents eye and the joy in their smiles as they watch my kids open gifts. I catch myself looking at them while they are watching my kids entertain in pure innocent, raw, real joy!  And it makes my heart warm.  I LOVE that my kids have the opportunity to spend time and make memories with their great grandparents.  Such treasured and rare memories.  That is the part I wanted to slow down.  Just basking in that feeling of emotion that engulfs your soul. Family.  No feeling quite like it.


What the....?

Just getting the hang of it!


A rare chance to get a picture together.

Beauty salon with Great Grandma!

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