Monday, September 16, 2013

Settling In..Kinda

People keep asking if we are getting settled into our new house yet, and I keep saying "Yes, kinda."  I think we are settled in, as far as having most boxes unpacked and furniture arranged.  But mentally, it still doesn't feel like home yet.  A friend said that it will happen as we slowly make memories at our new house and in the community.  And that is probably right.  We attended our first McPherson College football game Saturday night because Leah cheered at the game.  She only said "Go Bluejays!" once, she said. :)

Blake even got into the cheering!

Autum cheered shyly from her seat.

...but it didn't take Leah long to get the crowd fired up.

And what's an outing without a 2-year old meltdown? I mean why can't she climb to the top of the cement bleachers by herself..

What? I'm not climbing to the top...turn back around and watch the game..
But there are days when I reminisce about our days of familiarity in Hillsboro...

Getting balloons and suckers at most of our weekly errand stops along the way...the bank, the hardware store, Dale's..
Our weekly trips to Emprise Bank

We will probably mostly miss our stops into Molly's on Main and chats and hugs with Grandma Sharon!

And our morning walks in the stroller that started so long ago with only Leah and Rylie  and our single strollers..and has multiplied to this!

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