Saturday, May 25, 2013

When Not to Call Me...

This would be another good time NOT to call...while I clean up this mess.  Because nothing I do, ever stays done. :)

I have concluded that there are very few 'good' times to call me...and it always seems my phone rings at the worst times...never fails.  Not that I'm Miss Popularity or anything, its more like doctor's appointments, therapy check-in's, school business, and grandma and grandpa...

Let me give you an example...

Do not try to call me when:
Leah has just told the Holdenman Mennonite lady at the nursing home I used to teach at-- Parkside Homes (whom we've known since Leah was little bitty) that I "let her hit a "penis" with a metal bat for her birthday!!"...then follows it up by asking,  me "is that what its called again...a what? Mom?"  I boldly and over-correctly stated, "IT IS A PINATA, A PINATA!!!" I firmly believe she has no idea what the other word she used is...but this is the 2nd time she has called her pinata that...

Or when we are driving in the car...and I'm either driving or riding in the passenger seat, honestly it doesn't matter.  But the decimal level of screaming is off the charts. Its like a Domino starts and they all chime in.  Sometimes even I do... if I'm driving its a matter of throwing snacks to the back, or returning the shoes that have hit me in the back of the head, recovering the Bert and Ernie computer game that Blake and Autum are beating each other with, or yelling at Blake to quit spitting in the sunlight as it runs down the back of my neck...or if I'm in the passenger seat I'm busy doing the obstacle course crawl from over my seat and the console to the middle section to replace a pacifier, pick up the snack bag, Blake dumped on the floor, or to sniff out which kid pooped, or clean up the puke that Autum just let loose from getting repeated car sick.  Or to convince Leah that we just left the driveway, no WAY are we there yet...its so bad, my friends call me now and immediately ask if I'm in the car because they will call back, no problem...ha!!

Or when Jerad is watching the kids and Autum tells him she pooped.  She has gotten big enough now that she will run to her room and climb up the changing table and lay down to wait on you to change her.  Well, she has been in Pull Ups for the past week as we are working on potty the other night, she told him she pooped, ran into her room and began climbing, when she climbed up the changing table, she lost half of her load on the carpet...Jerad proceeds to walk in the room and step right in it as he's preparing to change its best not to call because I'm on the floor rolling in laughter and tears as I watch this mess unfold....and the reactions that ensue...

Like when we are playing in the front yard and Leah has figured out how to use Blake's Cozy Coupe truck to stand on and climb into our trees.  She stands up on the Cozy Coupe, then jumps to the lowest branch and swings before wrapping her legs around the branch.  Well, this particular day I hear screaming from the front yard while I'm putting Autum's shoes on inside and look out the window to see that Blake has decided to move his Cozy Coupe from its original position and move it to where he likes....leaving Leah abandoned like a monkey up in the tree...I seriously considered letting her hang there for awhile because I could get a lot done in the house!  But instead, I made my way out to save her...she wraps her legs around my face and head and leaves me blinded with a 55 lb. body wrapped around my throat screaming and wiggling making my job SO much easier. I'm sure the neighbors thought we had a cheerleading stunt go terribly wrong.

Or when I awake to hear Autum screaming in her room at 2:25 am.  I tromp my way, half-asleep into her room to find the light on and her sitting up in her bed, crying.  I ask her what's wrong and she says "I want up!!!" (loud enough for the whole house to hear) And I tell her its "nigh, nigh time."  To which she proceeds, "Awwwwww, maaaaaaannnn!"  And swings her arm across her chest.

So pretty much to sum it all up, there is little time in my day for me to chat...or at least to hear anything that you are saying!
Leah's last day of School!

My Little Tree Climber!




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