Friday, May 17, 2013

Leah's Birthday Party...Friends!

My little red-head turned 7, yesterday!
We celebrated her birthday with cupcakes for breakfast!
Then opened gifts, gave hugs and spanks, and discussed the rest of the day's plans...all before 7:30 am!
She took popsicles for her treats at school.
Then had 3 friends walk home with her after school. 
They changed into their swimsuits, jumped on the trampoline, did cheerleading, screamed and yelled and had a blast!  All while waiting on me to find my swimsuit....that Autum strategically hid sometime during that day.  And everytime I asked where she put it...she said "I don't know Mama..."

An hour later I finally found it wrapped up in the towel she had been clenching since she woke up from her nap. I had finally given in to the idea that I wouldn't swim...and as I'm loading Autum into the van her towel falls out of her lap and out rolls my swimsuit....

That girl...

So we made the most of only having an hour to swim at the pool.  But the kids wore themselves out and were asking to eat within the hour anyway.  So we made our way to Gambino's pizza for supper.  Nothing like cheesy breadsticks and pepperoni pizza to end a perfect day!

On the way home, Leah said she had the best day...and wanted to know what gifts I had planned to get her for tomorrow. 

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