Monday, May 20, 2013

Birthday Part II

We were supposed to have an afternoon party with milkshakes, balloons, and flowers all around.  But because of the threat of tornadic-like weather and Jerad being a power lineman on-call all weekend, we had to move the party up a few hours.  So we moved the party to lunch-time and threw together some quick ham and cheese snack sandwiches, a fruit and veggie tray, and chips and dip.  And had the milkshakes as a parting treat.  I was glad to get the crushed up Butterfinger candy bars out of my house because this is the 2nd bag I had to buy before the party...Butterfingers are a weakness of mine :)

All in all, the party was fun!  We had some family generation pictures taken, as Leah cooperated impatiently...she didnt' know why everyone showed up and waited to give her the gifts until later..I believe she asked "isn't that why everyone came?" at one point in time.  So we opened gifts next, with lots of help from Blake and Autum.  We finished up with some Pinata action.  Leah loves pinata's and this one didn't fail her in the challenge.  It took quite a few hard swings to break it open, but she stuck with it and eventually busted it open.  Autum took off like a lightning bolt toward the candy when she realized what was spewing out of it!  Blake took off toward the metal bat in hopes of taking his own cuts at the dangling horse pinata.  

Then we spent some time jumping on the trampoline, playing outside, and catching up before it was time to eat the milkshakes and head home before the storms rolled in.  It was a good thing we moved it up, because the storms didn't take long to release their rage on the surrounding areas and result in Jerad's departure for the rest of the day and night. 

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