Monday, December 10, 2012

Short Stories from the Wood's Clan

This morning Leah woke up, found Mr. Boots in the Christmas tree, after following the long toilet paper roll from the bathroom, through the kitchen, and into the living room, up on top of the tree...then she walked in the bathroom and threw up...Happy Monday to us!  Then I didn't get Mr. Boots' mess cleaned up before Blake made a royal mess of it all!  So as I'm folding the big pile of dark clothes that were still left laying in the middle of the living room floor from last night, I was picking teeny bits of white, wet, chewed up toilet paper out of the wrinkles.  Luckily it was mainly Jerad's work clothes, hopefully he doesn't mind! :)

Friday night Autum wanted a cup of juice with ice in it.  Which I gave her.  But while we were sitting on the floor playing she proceeded to dump it out on the floor...I wasn't sure if she did it on purpose the first time so I got another cup of ice for her, to stifle the crying screams of agony and despair over her spilled drink.  So we sat back down, only for 5 seconds, before she proceeded to dump it out...again.  This time I said "no!"  When she pleaded with me to get her 'mooowwre'...followed by another outburst of agony.  About this time, Jerad walked in from work.  She ran to him with her empty cup crying 'mooowwrre'...and coaxing out a tear for added effect.  I said "no" again.  He said I'll get you some more ice...and took her cup and walked into the which point she dried up the tears turned to me and giggled with her hands over her mouth and said "dada get me moooowre! Hehehehehehe..." I swore up and down all night to Jerad that I did NOT teach her this...

After the night Mr. Boot's almost fell off the pantry door, but was saved at the last minute by Rapunzel letting down her hair, Leah suggested I start putting a diaper on Mr. Boot's...haha!  Not sure what she was getting at other than the fact she thought he must have been REALLY scared..??

We practiced Leah's spelling words last week on several different occasions, so the night before the test I put cornmeal in a pan and had her write the words in the 'sand' and then we checked them as we went.  On her last word she switched two letters around and Jerad began to correct her, and about mid-sentence she said, "Dad I decided to spell the last word in Spanish, that's why I spelled it that way!'

And I finally gave in and we put up the Christmas tree this past weekend.  Ohh, I always have this glorious image in my head of the movies, with Christmas music playing, the lights all aglow....Pfffttt!  Whatever!  After dragging the dusty tree box in from the shed, leaving a trail of dirt through my kitchen, and ripping the box to shreds trying to remove all of last year's tape job, I should have known right then and there the tone of how this tree decorating was going to go.  But we pushed on, tried to make sense of  the colors and arrangement of branches to put the tree together, chased the stray branches all over the house as the two little ones scurried away with them, vacuumed up all the pine needles...and began to string the lights around the tree.  We got them all wrapped around only to learn that 1 of the strands no longer we unwrapped the tree again...took the 1 strand of lights we had on the front of the house off, brought them inside and finished wrapping the tree.  Then I opened the bazillion boxes of ornaments we have collected, as well as the new giant box of colored balls I bought...and rethought through what I was going to put up for decoration after Blake spotted the colored balls, yelled "BALL!" and bulldozed the box, spilling everything, sparkles patience disappearing...then Autum found the bag of hooks I use to hang the ornaments with..poking her finger, so instead of Christmas music I heard sobs of "ooowwwwwiiiiiieeeeee, Mama!!"  Then Leah got distracted and started playing house with 2 of the snowmen ornaments, leaving the open box on the floor only for me to step on....

This is totally posed because 2 seconds before I took this picture Leah was yelling at me to hurry up and get the hooks on the colored ornament balls...I told her to hurry up and pretend like she was putting the ornament on so I could get one picture, at least!
Then, Autum found Jerad's childhood rocking horse ornament and took off with it to another room.  I wasn't sure what she was doing, and quite honestly forgot she was gone.  After I realized it was too quiet in the house, I peeked around the corner of the kitchen door to see her saying "neigh" "neigh" "neigh"...with her pants off trying to ride the rocking horse ornament....who knows??  I was afraid she'd snap the poor horse in two pieces so I had to put it away, much to her disagreement!

I think nothing makes me more nervous than when I walk into the bathroom and find Autum standing over the toilet clapping her hands, cheering "yay" while the toilet is first thought is always "what did I just lose that is of importance?  And how important is it to stick my hand in there and see?"  So far I haven't missed anything enough to want to dig deeper to look...

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