Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Short Stories from Woods Household

This month is flying by...seems like I start all my blogs that way! Ha! But here is a quick run down of where we've been, what we've been doing, and how we have done it!

This past weekend we participated in Oktoberfest at Disability Supports of the Great Plains. (where I work) Face painting.  Costumes and photo booths. Bouncy houses. Games. Root beer. Bierocks.  Chocolate cake.  Rides.  Pumpkins. Music...aka My kids' dream fun place!  Needless to say the 2 little ones took nice long afternoon naps after...

At the end of September, I flew off for a weekend getaway with my coach, and some friends I met there.  We played and we worked hard training.  And of course it was on the beach in St. Petersburg...had a great trip, only wish it would have been a longer
trip.  So here's to next time! :)

My clients have been working really at the Y. Working out. And inspiring me.

Blake joined me in a workout session the other day and I loved it!  He loves to learn, can mimic anything, and his motor skills are off the charts!  Love this kid!

Autum participated in her first cheerleading performance and camp Friday night.  She was a junior bullpup...and we all froze as we watched her yell, jump, and pump those fists to a Bullpup football win!  I think she is hooked. She keeps asking if she can do it again and again...

 Autum has also been participating in her own tumbling and trampoline class at Next Level Gymnastics in McPherson.  This girl can pick up movements fast.  She's doing well and loves it!  She's fun to watch.

And both Blake and Autum have figured out a new way to settle their sibling rivalry.  Put on the gloves and get out the bag!

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