Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Glimpses into past month...

We celebrated birthdays.
Kids visited both Mimi and Papa's houses.
We have frequented the park with the cooler weather.
Went to the State Fair.
Competed in another CrossFit Competition.
Been at numerous gymnastics practices.
Preparing for cheerleading camp and performances.
Blake had to be sedated for a teeth cleaning and some fillings.

My sister is expecting so my girl's are in full on baby mode. It is pouring down rain this morning and I am hurrying the kids along to get to school on time.  I carry Blake out to the van (because he always finds the mud)....buckle him in.  Hurry back to get Leah going and help her with her bags.  Get her settled in van...turn around to see Autum at the doll on each hip, a gigantic diaper bag that is completely full, slung over her shoulder, and a baby doll folded up under her shirt.  I start shaking my head on the way back to get her..."no, no, nooooo...I am not taking all that to school..."  And as if on cue, her tears begin to fall, alligator tears type of cry...and to avoid a full on meltdown...I grab both babies off her hip and the diaper bag and turn to head to the van...telling her she will take the dolls and bag to school but NOT into the school...and to hurry up and follow me!  I hear her feet shuffling behind me as she yells "my feet are getting wet!"  And I throw all her babies and bags into the van door and turn to grab her...only in time to see her "deliver" her baby out of her tummy...right onto the pavement in a water puddle.  She stops in her tracks and begins to cry...I tell her it's ok...the baby will dry off, bla bla bla....she yells, "BUT I'mmmmmm nooooooooooooot duuuuuuuuuuuue for 3 more weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks!! WAAAAAHHH!"

Hahahahha...I scooped the baby up. Put her back in her tummy, buckled her in, and off we went.
I'm still I type this...8 hours later...
Cousins! (and a Leah photobomb)

Birthday at La Fiesta

Kansas State Fair trip

My little farmer.

Ag Building at Fair

Montana Mike's family lunch date for my birthday

Swolemates CrossFit competition...150# snatch PR (been working years for this--if you can't tell by this pic, my excitement level)

My SwoleMate Sarah!

These glasses have made the rounds in my family as a gag gift, Blake got a hold of them this weekend while visiting Mimi and Papa.
Family pic at McPherson Hospital, before Blake's sedation and teeth cleaning.

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