Tuesday, October 28, 2014

ER Visit

The day started out as normal...running late to school, dragging kids out the door half-dressed, yelling at Leah to grab Autum's drink...yelling at Blake to quit chasing the elm bugs swarming the house, and telling Autum that she can have her sucker ONLY after she's eaten her pancakes...while I'm quickly trying to gulp down a protein shake and hope that I remembered to put deodorant on...that I shaved both legs, and that my messy braid hair will be pulled off as a purposeful look.

Dropped both kids off at school. Autum and I headed to the Y so I could coach CrossFit and personal train with a few clients.  Then off to the chiropractor to get some adjustments.  Walking out of the door there, my phone rang..it was the school nurse...telling me once again, Blake hurt himself at recess they did an evaluation and he is fine.  So I brushed it off like usual as him being a boy, and very mobile, and daring.

Then, a little while later, my phone rings again. Leaves a message. It's his teacher, Blake refuses to let anyone put his shoe back on his foot and he is refusing to walk...they carried him to lunchroom to eat and left his shoe off...just to let me know.  Well, I headed up to the school anyway.  I go in to see him, half expecting him to be just throwing a stubborn attitude.  Guessing he will let me put his shoe on when he sees me and knows I mean business. 

Well, I was wrong.  Immediately I could tell there was more wrong.  The teacher explained that Blake jumped off the playground platform and landed on his heels then his back.  They were most concerned with his back. The nurse evaluated. Deemed him good. And sent him on his way.  Only when they tried to get his shoes back or make him walk did they realize there was more wrong. 

Well, it just so happened to be the day the 3rd graders had their parents eat with them for lunch, so I carried Blake around while Leah and Autum hurriedly ate their sack lunches...and rushed to the book fair.  I proceeded to carry him around for another 40 minutes while arguing with Leah that her $5 was to be spent on a book, not lip gloss...we were at a book fair, for goodness sake!  She decides to buy a kitty poster for $4.75...she throws $4 on the cash register and is excited she has $1 left to buy the lip gloss...the cashier asks for her last $1...and Leah argues that the sign says $4 (completely disregarding the $.75)...after much arguing and attempting to reason, she gives up her last $1 and stomps back to class.  My arms are about to fall off at this point.  I throw Blake in the van. Come home. Call doctor.  Of course X-rays aren't done on Mondays at our family practitioner so off to the ER we go.

After initial evaluation, we head to the X-ray lab.  Oh boy. Been there, done that.  As soon as we walk in, Blake begins crying and yelling and kicking and punching...upon his reaction Autum begins to shed alligator tears in sympathy.  I look around, like what am I going to do??  I about choke on my drink when they ask if I could be pregnant and place a X-ray covering over me that weighs at least 10 lbs. and is hot as all get out.  After about an hour of wrestling Blake down, picking him up, consoling him...running to doorway to console Autum...putting her down, running back to Blake...wrestle down for another X-ray...repeat.  We walk out of there, I'm soaking in sweat from my head to my toes, literally looking like I just worked out.  Blake had gotten in his mind that we were leaving the hospital so he was all smiles, high faves and big waves...as if to say, "see ya later you big meanies! You can't touch me again! Ha Ha Ha!!" 

Well, his dreams were crushed when we re-entered the evaluation room to wait.  By this point my phone is dead.  Jerad is working and has no clue what has happened and I have no help and 2 very tired, worn out, confused littles on my hands...for who knows how long...

Doctor arrives and says the X-rays didn't seem to show any breaks or dislocations but hard to tell with what we had to see...and his lack of cooperation.  We tried to stand him up one last time to walk, and NO GO.  The doctor poked on his hips, knees, toes, ankles and no reaction except for Blake crossing his eyes and being silly.  But as soon as the doctor went to dorsiflex his foot, to mimic walking...Blake cried out and drew his leg up immediately...

So...that is all we know.  They temporary casted him, told us to keep him off of it for 24 hours and go from there...
He still isn't putting weight on it today.  Even with cast off.  But is trying to crawl some at least, but won't let anyone near his foot. 

As for what we will do next...I have no idea.  Taking it day to day.

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