Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Thing About Sunday Mornings...

Sunday:  Ohhh, Sunday mornings.  Always the toughest morning of the week to get out the door.  I was doing it alone this week, too.  And like every Sunday, all hell breaks loose the hour before we need to be at church.  Leah and Autum were up at 6:45 am, and in great moods. Thank the Lord! Blake woke up grumpy.  I got the girls' around early in their church dresses, hoping to save myself time later.  Or at least buy myself a few minutes to comb my hair.  I got Blake ready and turned on cartoons after breakfast. I ordered Leah to keep an eye on him and Autum while I take a shower and get my clothes on.  Leah asks me if she can go out front and play. That is a big 'no' right now as the construction crew was working on a Sunday morning...barreling through our street with little regard for kids playing.  So I said, "no."  Then she asks if she can play out back.  I think on it a minute and make an executive decision to "no" that request also, because it rained all night and the backyard is muddy and everything is wet...and, just, "no." 

I get in the shower. She follows me downstairs..."pleeeeeease, can we just go and sit on the back deck?"
"Mooooommmmm, pleeeeease, I need some fresh air. We won't leave the deck...I promise."
"Sigh...ok, just you and Autum, NO BLAKE...I DON'T WANT HIM GETTING MUDDY.  Leave him inside...and also, Please stay on the deck...please!"
"ok! and out the door she goes..."

I get out of shower, dried off and hair combed.  I head upstairs and peek in living room to see Blake still staring at the TV. Phew! Good.  She listened.

I go upstairs and spend probably 5 minutes deciding on a skirt and shirt...put it on, dig out my shoes and head back downstairs....

---no Blake----

I begin to say, "no, no, no, nooooo, nooooooo"

I head out the back door to the deck, just as he is climbing back on the deck...covered from head to toe (no lie) solid black mud...and he is slithering his way onto and across the deck...leaving a black slime as he goes. 
I lose. it.  Right then. And there...
Complete insanity.  I yell. I throw something...not even sure now what it was...I quit. I yelled "I quit."

Done. Done. Done...
And yet I hear this still, small voice, saying..."this is why you must go. Find peace and rest in me...get to church..."
*sigh...I'd much rather just throw a fit and feel sorry for myself right now...

So I strip him down, yell at Leah for letting him outside, then realize it's pointless because she doesn't process directions well, then I get mad at myself for being so careless...and off the rocker, mad.  I throw him in the tub. Get clean clothes on him and carry him out to the van so he is not tempted to jump in any mud puddles.

I turn around and the girl's are coming out the front door with 3 dolls, 2 carseats, 2 diaper bags, and a baby stroller...are you freaking kidding me???  We are NOT taking the whole plastic family.  I lose it again.  NO WAY.  I am not dragging all this crap with us....NO WAY.  My hands are full enough with Blake's stuff and Leah's entertainment bag and lots of snacks.  My Bible, etc.

After yelling and arguing with Leah, I give in.   Just get the crap in the van...let's go!  On the way to church I assure them the babies and junk are not going with us into church...

Well, as we walk into church I am carrying a Bible, Blake, a baby, evidently the baby's cousin (I was told) in a carseat...and a diaper bag....I lost another argument.  GO figure.

I drop Blake and Autum off at nursery time.  And realize I have no baby bag....crap! Blake's diaper bag has seemingly walked away and I forgot to restock another one.  I tell them my dilemma and say he should be okay because he is potty training and will go if they take him...
I say a quick prayer this holds true and head to the service.  Finally.
20 minutes into service, a nursery worker taps me on the shoulder.  Blake has peed through his shorts and we don't have any diapers that fit him....
Ummm....what am I going to do?
Then I look over at Baby and Baby's cousin sitting in the carseat staring at the ceiling...BINGO!
I rip the doll-sized, pink diaper off of her and hand it to the nursery worker and say, "make this work."

Ha! As we are praying I thank God for the baby dolls we brought to church today and silently apologize to my girls for throwing a big fit about them joining us...who'd have thought they'd be such a help??

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