Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Part II

Thursday: I get everyone around to go to work Thursday at Disability Supports of the Great Plains.  Jerad worked the night before but planned to get up when I left to watch the kids.  I drop Leah off at her day camp and off I go.  I don't know if it was near a full moon or what...but what a day!  Lots of improvising for behaviors and lack of motivation and cooperation.  I got done what I could and went on my way.

I found out my last client was gone for the day so I headed home early. Guiltily excited to get an early day off.  I get home in time to remember I scheduled a doctor's appointment for Autum at I skip my lunch  and head out the door with her.  She has to get a shot...oh boy.  Luckily this girl is a trooper.  She didn't even flinch.  I get home in time to meet my husband waiting at the door who has decided we make an impromptu trip to Hillsboro to pick up his truck (which had died the week before stranding he and the girls on the road until I could get done working late that night--thank God for good friends with big tow ropes) which the dealership had called and said was ready. So we swing by pick up Leah and head east.  I am starved...which equates to grouchy.  The kids are whining they are hungry, thirsty and have to pee all the way there.  Which on a normal day is fine.  Not this day.  I crank the wheel into Sonic and get them all drinks, including myself.  And hope that suffices.  I drop Jerad off at the dealership trying to convince him I'll drive the quiet truck home and he can take the van with the kids...but, no go.  We settle on him taking Leah and I head home.  I eat my lunch at 3:30 pm and remember Leah has her last math tutoring session that night--and we have done nothing since the previous week to prepare.  I try to sit down for a quick math lesson--which I should have known was a bad idea.  It turned into a yelling match about stupid numbers, stupid math, stupid mom, stupid world...and we both stomped up to our rooms.

I get her to tutoring and resolve to take a shower.  And Blake decides to poop, in his underwear, which I forgot all about in all this I leave my shower running--take him upstairs and give him a quick bath...and come back down to see Jerad leaving in the van with all the carseats..."going to the store" is what his note says...along with "don't forget Leah at tutor"...I realize I have 4 min. to take a shower and walk Blake who is already in his pajamas, in the smoldering heat, a few blocks to where Leah is at.  I skip washing my hair.  Throw his slippers on him, and off we go to get Leah.

I find out from her tutor that she has not progressed much over the summer.  She suggests we meet before school starts and make more accommodations for Leah in the classroom, to help her be successful.  That possibly some testing needs to take place for that...
...and I didn't hear much more.
My heart sunk.  My ears filled with air.  Even when you know it's coming, and you have prepared still is always a shock to hear.  Your kid needs extra help.  And I know I shouldn't be ashamed. Or feel guilty.  Or concerned.  Or upset.  They are only going to help her.  But. it. still. stings...

I try to stay upbeat because Leah is excited and hopeful that she is doing better.  And for her sake, that is how I left it as I nodded my head all the way home to her stories of what they did at tutoring and what games they played...meanwhile dragging Blake by his arm as he screamed and cried because they have doggies at tutoring...and he loves doggies and didn't think we needed to leave....

I get home from that, in time to shove some food in my mouth, set the table and get the kids eating...before I head out to teach my Thursday night CrossFit class at the Y.

Get home from that and just want to go to sleep. Block out my thoughts and worries and questions.  But of course, I still have kids to bathe, give meds too, and help rock to sleep.

Friday:  Ding Dong!  7 am.  You will need to move your vehicles again.  We will be blocking your street off all day.  Please park at the church.  I move the vehicles.  And get everyone in gear because Blake has an appointment in Wichita to see the endocrinologist.

We find out his TSH levels are high again, most likely because of his growth.  And his Vit D levels couldn't be checked because the limited amount of blood they did take wasn't enough for all the testing.  I choose to reserve more blood draws for another day. 

While in Wichita, I get a phone call from our family doctor that says, "We received Blake's first lab results from his titres and he has had the chicken pox, but not the Measles, Mumps, Rubella immunity....we would suggest you get in to get that shot ASAP because there are numerous cases of this going around fact I'd stay away from Wichita until you can get this vaccination completed..."

UHHHH....we are in very public places.  Oh Lord! I begin to pray.  Please protect my kiddo.
And we wash our hands and head out.  I message Jerad that he gets to take Blake to get his vaccination, I'm done with doctor's for awhile.

I take the girls swimming instead.  I miss just having fun with them, not running them places.  I need some interaction.

Well about 30 min. into our interaction I remember Autum has gymnastics at 4:45...20 minutes from that moment.  Everyone out of the pool! Go! Go! Go!

We were late.  But made it enough for her to jump, flip, and kick.

I take Autum home, feed her.  And load Leah up for gymnastics open gym night, it starts in an hour.  We pick up her friend and back we go to the gymnastics place.  I drop them off, and return home to see I can't get into my driveway yet, so I pull back into the church parking lot, all while talking to my mom on the phone.  So I sit in the van a minute to finish talking.

"Tap. Tap. Tap" on my window. I look out and an older man is standing there.

He asks me who I am.  Where I got permission to park in his church parking lot from.  That I am a liability to his church.  And the only person who has permission to park there is the old lady that attends there and doesn't drive anymore. Then goes on to ask why I haven't asked the preacher or someone in charge at this church to park there....and on and on. Which to my understanding, the city had done this--they were who told us to park there in the first place... Unfortunately this man picked a bad night to say these things...I just begin walking off and say, "we have nowhere else to park.  This is where I was told to park for now."  And walk past all 6 other vehicles belonging to my neighbors. All parked at the church too.  Back to my house.

I throw the keys on the table, tell Jerad to go deal with the man, and move the vehicles....and go upstairs and sit in the dark awhile.
And the weekend only gets better...stay tuned for Part III.

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