Friday, February 14, 2014

Evolution of Valentine's Cards

As I was digging out the Valentine's Day card I bought last week to give Jerad today, I ran across a pile of Valentine's Day cards.  We are the type of people who leave notes for each other randomly, exchange cards for different holidays/ I keep all of them.  In the past 10 years of marriage, I have collected quite a few.  With a few seconds to spare, the two little's watching Sesame Street and no where to have to run too...I decided to take a trip down memory lane and read through them. 

I found myself laughing at the evolution of the Valentine's Day cards over the years...

I'm guessing this first card I found was from our newlywed stage of marriage...and it says, "I love you" all over the front in different colors and angles.  And on the inside it says....well, I will leave that one alone...I know my grandma reads my blog. :)

What I'm thinking/guessing was one of my first Valentine's Day cards in our relationship (wishing now I had dated these)...I am pretty sure this card accompanied some flowers...It said "Happy Valentine's Day...this is Me..." (pic of a cute little cat holding a heart on front)  Inside said "...bringing you all the love my heart can hold!"  Jerad's chicken scratched message to me included a few things that tipped me off to this being early in our marriage...before kids.  "if you are not happy, I'm not happy...and that's why I would really like it if you could tell me when you are having trouble with something or upset with me..."

Probably a few years into our marriage. Leah was maybe a year or two old.  "My Wife, My Best Friend" written on the front..." I married my very best friend and I can't tell you how lucky that makes me feel." written on the inside.  Then Jerad wrote a personal note that said, "Here's to a romantic night...sometime when we can actually get away again, like we used too..."

And finally, I believe this last card was probably from the last year or two.  On the front it say, "For Valentine's Day, Tonight I'm going to let you have what you desire--ALL night long!"  And on the inside it says, "A full nights sleep with all the covers!"  AMEN! AMEN!  He didn't even have to write a personal message, he simply signed his name and said, "don't get used to it!"

Ah, the romanticism seeps through...but I honestly love it! I may not be a flowers and jewelry kind of girl, but having these cards to look through and smile, lets me relive all the past Valentine's Days whenever I choose.  And that to me is priceless.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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