Monday, June 10, 2013

Things my kids said..

So this past week my kids have been full of all kinds of random I want to share the knowledge with you...and again, I amNOT making this stuff up...

Mom: Leah go to your room until you can calm down, I'll be in there to talk to you in a minute.."
2 minutes later....
Leah: I can NOT wait until the 4th of July when I can get my freedom from you telling me what to do! GAAAAH!!"

Leah: Mom, I've been praying every night that Jesus puts a baby in your tummy! See! Listen! Dear Jesus put a baby in mommy's tummy, pleeeease!"
Me: Spit out my drink...

Leah: I'm so tired of being poor..
Said randomly while we were eating dinner..
Me: What makes you think we are poor?
Leah: Because we can't buy any of the campers on Craig's List.!
Me: Looked at Jerad and asked if that is what they did all weekend while I was gone....lovely.

Leah: Where do baby's come from before Jesus puts them in mommy's tummy?
Jerad: *crickets*

Leah: Dad, when am I going to grow a little stinger like Blake has?
This came after bath time and after I just explained again the proper name for boy and girl parts...which obviously went in one ear and out the other.
Jerad: *crickets*
Me: (later that night) Why didn't you answer her question or at least correct her?
Jerad: Because as long as she thinks that thing will sting her, the better....let's just keep letting her think that!

 Me:  Autum let's put your big girl panties on for church...
Autum: Nah, just put a diaper on me..I poop in that!
Me: sigh...

And those are some of the things they have are some of the things we have done this summer so far!

Played with the baby kitties at "Grandma Sharon's" house.

Took pictures in the wheat.

Celebrated Memorial Day in our Red, White, Blue!

Sat at Leah's Machine Pitch Softball games...

Played in the dirt and distracted daddy while he was coaching 3rd base at Leah's games.

Hitting the ball!

 Spying on the neighbors...She built this contraption herself.  Unrolled several rolls of toilet paper, left the mess in the bathroom, I might add...taped them together, squeezed the roll into her microphone stand and made a telescope.  She said she was writing down what cars drove by, what color they were and their numbers and letters on the tag. :)


  1. HILARIOUS! (Love Jerad's response to the "stinger")

  2. Ha ha Ha! My niece said something similar when she was 3 to a Nun. She told a nun she wanted to be a p*nis when she grows up. I don't even know where she heard that word.