Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Weekend

This past weekend started off with a bang! Jerad and I headed to Manhattan to celebrate my sister's and her fiance's bachelorette/bachelor party.  I was the DD, so I sipped on water while everyone enjoyed the night playing pool, revving the juke box with songs like "Baby Got Back," and chatting--which got progressively louder over the night.  

I drove home while Jerad slept and we decided whether we got into some bad food.  I felt like I'd been drinking all night and he looked like he had. :)  We never came to any conclusion, only that we cannot do that late night stuff anymore.  We were toast the next day. It didn't help that kids were up during the night and Autum made her presence known at 6 am the following morning...about 4 1/2 hours after we made it to bed.  We were a sad sight on Saturday as we loaded up the van to head to Jerad's brother's house for the day.  But we made the most of it. And I even got a quick nap on the couch while the kids chased the pool balls around downstairs on the pool table. 


We drove home half dead that evening, in hopes of going to bed early and recovering all day Sunday.  We started watching The Dark Knight Rises--which is GREAT! and of course didn't find ourselves going to bed until late again...oops!  Anyway, we spent Sunday playing in the kiddie pool, working in the yard, looking at boat's online and going to Wichita to look at one Jerad thought might be a jewel, and ended the day with some fishing and swimming at the County Lake. Leah is participating in a Kansas Wildlifer Challenge this summer and she has 15 challenges to meet so we were hoping to meet 2 of them yesterday...which we did! Swimming in the lake--check!  Catching a fish--check!

 As I was uploading these pictures I found several pics of me bending over helping the kids while they were swimming...hmmm, wonder who was running the camera then?  I will spare you those pictures and details... :)

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