Wednesday, March 21, 2012


March 21 hasn't been real important in my life the past 29 years.
But this year it has a whole new meaning for our family.

And for this family...
Remember the Basile's?  This is Zoya.  Read more about her, here.
And everyone remember's Mila!!  She is a whopping 18 lbs. now.  Woot!  Catch up on her progress here.
...and this one...
Sterling!  Jerad still swears he is the cutest kid.  He is eating on his own now, signing like crazy, attending school, and spending lots of time at Disney World. Plus he just had his first beach experience.  This after only being home 5 months from Ukraine.
...and this one...
Jadon.  Another Ukrainian prince.  This cutie is crawling all over everything.  Even out the back door.  He has new glasses and is enjoying being able to see the world better.  And is better able to keep up with his 3 big brothers.  Read more about his progress here .
...and this family.  Read more about Leah's sweet daycare friend Ella, here, and her big sister "Tallie."  

...and this family.
Remember Joshua?  Blake's bunk buddy at the orphanage.  Here he is with his brother, Jacob.  Who also has Designer Genes.
...and for these children who still wait. 

Who's family's haven't yet discovered the blessing of having a child with Down Syndrome!  But who someday will be celebrating this day simply because of their child having 'designer genes.' 

Nadine, our Prayer Warrior Child.  Designer genes.

Saul.  Designer Genes.
Ruth.  Designer Genes.
 World Down Syndrome Day.
A day that will hold significance for us from now on.  We are blessed to be able to make this day special for Blake, and we are blessed by how he makes each day special for us!

Will you join me in praying for all the children all over the world with Down Syndrome today?  If only we would intercede on their behalf, the difference we could make in the lives of so many. 

Orphans or not.

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  1. Thanks for showing us all those beautiful children.